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The Chicago P.D. Storyline Fans Want To See On The Show

As a network series with enough audience-mojo to generate a full nine-season run (and counting), it's no surprise NBC's hit procedural "Chicago P.D." sparks considerable interest from fans wanting to see the show's narrative take a certain direction. Solidly hooked by producer Dick Wolf's trademark ability to meld edge-of-your-seat action sequences with equally involving interpersonal intrigue and drama, "Chicago P.D." mirrors sister shows "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago Med" with this uniquely engaging –- and ratings-bolstered –- storytelling formula.

The fact is, fans of the show are by now fully familiar with the character strengths and personality flaws of series' leads like Intel Unit head Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer), and I.U. officers Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati), Kevin Atwater (La Royce Hawkins), Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), and others. So, it's only natural for loyal fans to want to see favorite personas receive a more fully fleshed-out treatment. 

With that in mind, what's one kind of "Chicago P.D." storyline that fans say they'd most like to see expanded on in the show?

Fans want to see more officers promoted to detective status on Chicago P.D.

One of the key metrics for how well characters are perceived to be doing on a multi-season procedural like "Chicago P.D." is how fast they're seen to be progressing within the department's promotions' hierarchy. For instance, when I.U. head Hank Voight thinks character A is out-performing character B, then officer A is more likely to be gifted with a move up the food chain, while officer B gets a pep talk and sad-face emoji.

In this regard, when it comes to rising, or not, in the CPD personnel rankings, fans of the series definitely have feelings, especially concerning which officers are worthy of earning their detective's badges. Posting in a sub-Reddit discussion of most-wanted Chicago P.D. storylines, user u/Muted-Relationship67 zeroed in on the issue, saying, "I kinda wanna see Kevin and Kim become detectives." 

Redditor u/leixo18_4 appeared to agree the move was long overdue, posting, "It's definitely a plot hole. They should all be detectives by now. There's actually a deleted scene you can find on YouTube of hank telling Adam Kim and Kevin that they [sic] detective exam is coming up so I guess it was a scrapped plot line by the writers." 

So, while the show's extensive run offers plenty of food for thought vis a vis wished-for developments, officers being rewarded with promotions is a "Chicago P.D." storyline that veteran fans want to see more of on the series.