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The Worst Thing Wyatt Langmore Ever Did On Ozark

In Netflix's "Ozark," the Langmore family's continuous string of troubles lead many to determine that the family must be cursed. Indeed, throughout the four seasons of the series, viewers repeatedly see people named Langmore wind up dead, in prison, or in some unique cases... incarcerated, released, and then killed. However, despite the family's insistence that they are cosmically destined for disaster and poor fortune, a much more obvious answer often stares them in the face: The Langmores make bad decisions. 

From Russ Langmore (Marc Menchaca) to Cade Langmore (Trevor Long) and even everyone's favorite foul-mouthed money launderer, Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), the Langmores have a particular proclivity for making ill-considered choices. Despite the family history, many viewers undoubtedly once hoped to see Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) escape the seemingly inevitable cycle. Unfortunately, the young man's poor decision-making skills eventually land him in the same type of hole occupied by his late father and deceased uncles. 

Although Ruth and "Ozark" fans alike surely mourned Wyatt's death in Season 4, Part 1, it's not like he wasn't warned. This is the worst thing Wyatt Langmore ever did on "Ozark."

Wyatt married one of the worst people imaginable

From his very first episode to his last, Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) always seems to choose the exact opposite of what Ruth has planned for him. After he graduates from high school, Ruth wants to see Wyatt move away from the Ozarks and go to college. Although she insists that her life is already messed up, she sees big things for Wyatt's future, insisting that he's "smart." Unfortunately, despite Wyatt's apparent book smarts, he ultimately proves himself quite lacking in the common sense department.

Instead of dreaming for bigger and better things, Wyatt chooses to begin a romantic relationship with a woman old enough to be his grandmother. Notably, while this probably seems strange enough at face value, the age difference between the couple is actually the least bizarre thing about the unlikely relationship. Indeed, despite Wyatt's innocent nature, Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery) is one of the most evil characters in a series filled with drug lords, hitmen, and otherwise unscrupulous people.

For whatever reason, Wyatt decides that it doesn't matter that Darlene kills without a second thought or that she routinely profits from the production of heroin. Although Wyatt has a clear view of Darlene's numerous inadequacies as a human (let alone as a spouse) and even talks about them openly with Ruth, he eventually brushes all red flags aside. Indeed, by his end, the only thing that seems to matter to Wyatt is that he stay loyal to this uniquely evil and volatile person. 

Sadly, Wyatt's choice eventually catches up to him. While Wyatt's decision to marry Darlene certainly doesn't rank high on the list of the most evil actions in "Ozark" history, it is easily the worst thing Wyatt ever does.

"Ozark" Season 4, Part 2, the final seven episodes of the series, will be released on Netflix on April 29.