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Where Was Moon Knight Actually Filmed?

Marvel's latest Disney+ show, "Moon Knight," is a globe-trotting thriller that takes place across multiple continents — and personalities. The show follows Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a museum gift shop worker who begins to realize that his strange sleep disorder is actually the result of sharing a body with multiple personalities including Marc Spector, the titular Moon Knight. Isaac has already blown fans away with his performance, but that should be no surprise. On top of his work on multiple "Star Wars" films and Denis Villeneuve's "Dune," Isaac has astonished audiences with his equally mind-bending roles in director Alex Garland's highly regarded films, "Ex Machina" and "Annihilation."

It's a bold new direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a similarly bold look to accompany it. With lore rooted in the mythology of ancient Egyptian gods, "Moon Knight" promises to take fans across the globe as Steven, along with his various personalities, battles the zealot cult leader Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) and becomes the avatar of Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham).

Director Mohamed Diab, speaking with Looper, said that he wanted "Moon Knight" to tell an intimate story on a large scale, and talked about shooting in multiple countries as a part of achieving that grandiosity. Now, another major player in the creation of the show has revealed exactly where the crew's travels took them as they shot Marvel's most ambitious Disney+ show to date.

Moon Knight filmed across the globe, but mainly in Budapest

Speaking with Collider, "Moon Knight" executive producer Grant Curtis revealed the locations in which the new Marvel show was shot (via Collider Interviews on YouTube). As it turns out, much of the series' globe-trotting is real, and the crew traveled to locations across multiple continents, from Europe to Asia and Africa. Said Curtis, "We did go to London ... We were in Slovenia and we were in Jordan and Wadi Rum and the Akobo Desert." Marvel productions have become known for their advanced use of CGI and other complex in-house effects to transport audiences to fantastic worlds, so it will certainly feel fresh for many fans that "Moon Knight" embraced the magic of shooting on location in addition to the green screen. As Curtis put it, "You feel like you're everywhere at once."

Curtis was clear that the bulk of the shooting for "Moon Knight" took place in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. "We can't step into every location and actually be there," he said. On the other hand, Curtis elaborated that by now, viewers are used to embracing the magic of multiple techniques, adding that MCU fans have come to appreciate the teams of people who bring heroes to life on screen. "Just to tell the fans that, yeah, the vast majority of this is shot in Budapest: I don't think it'll blow their minds. People know the value of an incredible production designer and green screen."

Curtis thinks that the added value of shooting around the globe in addition to the more modern effects will be special for "Moon Knight" fans, saying, "Just to see a story like this told on a world stage? Pretty cool." The first episode of "Moon Knight" alone featured a range of location shots, but we still haven't been outside of Europe, so fans have plenty to look forward to as the season progresses.