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The Boys Season 3 Trailer Has Led To A Hilariously Weird Flex

Amazon's "The Boys" is a show that undeniably revels in being different. Based on the Garth Ennis comic series, "The Boys" follows a team of "supe"-hating vigilantes led by Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) who are targeting superheroes above the law, like The Seven, who are led by Homelander (Anthony Starr) Homelander is a Superman-of-sorts in this world, but in true Garth Ennis fashion, he's also a murderous, tortured villain with mommy issues juggling between his addictions to milk and himself. 

Viewers recently got a look at Season 3 of "The Boys" with a teaser trailer, and it was as lovingly schlocky and unforgivingly politically incorrect as fans should expect from this series by now. Teased in the brief first look was everything from Butcher taking up superpowers to poor Hughie (Jack Quaid) being tortured some more by having his arm broken while Butcher lovingly looks on. Peppered in between these story beats are the usual amount of blood galore, cursing, and everything else that would make most networks run far, far away from this Eric Kripke-created show. 

In true "The Boys" fashion, the wild trailer for Season 3 already has a weird flex to throw around, and the show is taking pride in the response to the perplexing, but lovable footage. 

The Boys Season 3 trailer has been flagged 20 million times

The Season 3 trailer for "The Boys" has been flagged more than 20 million times since debuting, according to a tweet from the show's official Twitter page. Take your pick for the actual content being flagged. There's the previously mentioned blood and also a little risky business in a bathroom. Homelander (Anthony Starr) appears to take great pleasure in finding the source of his favorite drink: a cow. Plus, there's the always strange The Deep (Chace Crawford), the show's play on Aquaman, except this one has been expelled from The Seven and has been trying to make his way back since. The Deep also has a powerful connection to sea creatures, and Season 3 shows him seductively eyeing an octopus while he's being intimate with what one presumes to be a human. 

"Everyone's raving that the Season 3 teaser is 'deeply unhinged' and asking 'what the f**k did we just watch?'" "The Boys" Twitter account wrote in celebration. Some users expressed shock that anyone would be surprised by a trailer for "The Boys" that pushes the envelope. "Tell me you've never read the Boys without telling me you've never read the Boys," Twitter user Lymang wrote. User David Olvera added, "wait for them to read the comic."

Fans of "The Boys" have to wait until June 3 for Season 3, but in the meantime, a spinoff animated series titled "The Boys: Diabolical" was released on March 4.