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Did Karl Urban Just Confirm The Boys Season 4?

We've only just managed to get the guts and various colored goo out of our clothes following the new trailer's release for the third season of "The Boys," and already talk is stirring regarding what could come next. With the tables set to be turned in this year's installment, it's a safe bet that the fallout will be immense, spinning into a fourth season that, according to Karl Urban, might be happening sooner than we think.

Much like his character in Amazon's Emmy-nominated off-the-wall superhero show (via IMDb), Urban seems to care little about what gets out about "The Boys," spilling some exciting details about the series' future. As fans await the chaos that is sure to unfold when Urban's character Billy Butcher once again attempts to bring down Vought and Antony Starr's homicidal maniac in a cape, Homelander, when the fan-favorite series returns this year on June 3, Urban just revealed it likely won't be long before cameras start rolling again for the fourth season of "The Boys."

Filming of The Boys Season 4 could begin at the end of 2022

In a recent interview with Variety at SXSW, Urban dropped the critical detail that his schedule will be jam-packed with super scumbags near the end of 2022, when he is scheduled to get back in action for the Amazon show's fourth season. Keeping it brief, the actor said, "I'm shooting 'The Boys' through the end of the year," confirming that the wheels are in motion for next season, along with the reveal that Butcher thankfully makes it through the third. As of right now, Amazon has not announced to the public whether or not "The Boys" has been renewed for Season 4, but it seems all but confirmed right now.

Just what will happen for the show's characters between now and Season 4 is up for debate. Given the tantalizing teaser released this weekend, it's clear that the series looks to be leaning more into the comics, finally giving Billy Butcher and his pals their own dose of Compound V to go up against Homelander and his kind. The only question is how that will affect our heroes in the long run, as power itself can be a drug for some, after all. We'll see how they take their first dose when "The Boys" returns to Amazon on June 3, 2022 with Season 3.