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Which Characters From The Boys Make Their Way Into The Boys Diabolical

Contains spoilers for "The Boys Presents: Diabolical."

When Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg discussed their intention for "The Boys: Diabolical," they explained how they'd looked to "The Animatrix" — the anthology series set between "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded" — for inspiration. Just as that animated series inspired fresh insight into the live-action franchise spun-off from, "Diabolical" not only lets viewers poke their heads around various untouched corners of the universe they've come to love, but it has appearances from familiar faces from the live-action show in animated form as well.

Besides the debut of characters like O.D. (Kieran Culkin), The Narrator (Christian Slater), and, ahem, Boobie Face (thanks for that, Kevin Smith), "Diabolical" also makes time to look back at some characters we've hung out with over the past two seasons of the "Diabolical" parent series, "The Boys." So, who made the cut in this cartoon outing, and whereabouts in the "Diabolical" anthology do they turn up ... and fail to save the day and potentially sever limbs with laser vision in the process?

Homelander and Queen Maeve show up in Diabolical

When wandering around in this world where the line between heroes and villains is blurred and bloody from their many dust-ups, there's no way to avoid the god-like, enigmatic, yet deeply unnerving Homelander. Given how central he is to the action on "The Boys," it makes perfect sense that the star-spangled madman would turn up in "The Boys Presents: Diabolical," too, as he causes the same level of damage we're used to seeing him inflict on just about anyone that gives him a funny look through a wall.

Reprising his live-action role in this animated spin-off is Antony Starr, back in action as Homelander. Appearing in three episodes of the new anthology series, he inflicts damage on anyone who decides to cause an issue. It's also worth noting that one of the show's best episodes focuses on his origins, shedding new light on Homelander's past as a result. As it turns out, no matter how things play out, Homelander is a villain in absolutely any format.

It's also worth noting the leader of The Seven is not the only member of the beloved superhero team who makes an appearance. Dominique McElligott shows up as Queen Maeve, as teased in the "Diabolical" trailer (via YouTube).

Vought suits show their faces in Diabolical

"The Boys: Diabolical" also hosts some familiar faces from the omnipresent Vought company, one of which is no longer with us thanks to — you guessed it — Homelander. While these corporate big names make brief appearances in two different episodes, it's still cool to see their reach stretch across "The Boys" franchise, from live-action into this new animated iteration.

The opening of the episode "One Plus One Equals Two" features the stoic Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) and the late Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue). The Vought head and high-ranking exec, respectively, are in attendance for Homelander's original reveal to the public, with the latter giving some classic Stillwell advice during the hero's early days. Also, an episode without a potential super-scandal going out would be massively lacking without the attendance of Ashely Barrett (Colby Minifie). In the episode "Boyd in 3D," she's on hand after some apartment neighbors overuse a trial product from Vought that has super bad side effects.

The Deep gets into some, uh, muddy waters with Awkwafina

As much as the intense presence of Homeland is an absolute necessity for anything "The Boys"-related, so too is The Deep, the Aquaman-type reformed superhero whose love of all sea-dwelling creatures borders on the unusual. Chace Crawford, who plays the live-action version of The Deep, voices the animated version of this aquatic jerk of a character here and has just as much of a rough time in "Diabolical" as we've seen him endure in the past. Like, really rough. Crappy, you might say.

In the episode titled "BFF," Awkwafina directs and voices the character of Areola, a sentient bit of fecal matter that comes to life after its owner )also voiced by Awkwafina) takes a dose of Compound V and has some stirrings in her gut. The Deep is sent after her in the closing act that involves a face-off in the sewer, which quickly turds the tables on the bad guy with gills. "South Park" icon Mr. Hanky would be proud.

It's Butcher and Hughie, but not as we know them

With all the unhinged damage being done by members of The Seven and its all-American leader, the hardened, mortal heroes that have stood against them (that'd be The Boys) for two seasons were bound to show up in some form in "Diabolical." In the episode "I'm Your Pusher," we get a good look at two pivotal members of the team in their animated forms, Billy Butcher and Hughie. It seems they share a strong resemblance to original comic versions created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. For fans, it will feel like another entry on the dream checklist is getting ticked off.

Jason Isaacs and Simon Pegg voice Billy Butcher and Hughie, respectively, in "I'm Your Pusher." While neither are brought to life by their live-action counterparts, hearing Butcher with a proper English accent and the original choice for Hughie giving him a go, it's a great way to kick things off. Get a look at them and a whole lot more as the whole series of "The Boys: Diabolical" becomes available on Amazon Prime Video on March 4.