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Who Will The Villains Be In The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

"The Umbrella Academy" is coming back and is going to be bigger than ever. The 3rd season, airing June 22, 2022, is set to introduce fans to an entirely new cast of characters. Of course, the original seven that we all know and love will still be involved, but there will definitely be a lot of twists and turns. For fans of the comics, the Sparrows were introduced in a similar fashion during the run known as "Hotel Oblivion," as they were in the television show, so they might have a similar bearing on what happens in Season 3.

The show deviates from the comic in a few different ways, but the events with Vanya aka Number 7 (Elliot Page) remain similar. As a child, Vanya is locked away from the rest of the siblings by Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), who is afraid of the power Vanya holds. This leads to the apocalyptic event caused by Vanya, or the White Violin, which makes the rift between the siblings stronger. This is where the Sparrow Academy comes into play in the comics. The Sparrow Academy is tied to Mom (Jordan Claire Robbins), in this instance, and an unknown man named Deever, who at the moment doesn't appear to be involved in the show. Mom introduces Vanya to the Sparrows, but what happens during their meeting is unknown to everyone.

Are the Sparrows really villains?

Now, this is the real question. There is no true mention of whether or not the Sparrow Academy are the villains of Season 3, or if they plan on teaming up with the Umbrella Academy. What we do know is that Ben aka Number 6 (Justin Min) is going to be the tie to the Sparrow Academy in this season of "The Umbrella Academy." 

In the timeline that we know and love, Ben died in a tragic — and mysterious — accident that no one talks about. After some interesting timeline changes and a lot of messing with the past, the Umbrella Academy winds up at the mansion at the end of Season 2 where Ben and Hargreeves (also dead in the known timeline) appear to be alive and well. The catch is that they are completely unaware of who the siblings in the Umbrella Academy are. Instead, Hargreeves introduces the family around him as the Sparrow Academy. This is where the episode ends and fans are given no more explanation than that. Again, whether or not they are villains remains a mystery that isn't even explored in the comics.

Will we see Hotel Oblivion?

If "The Umbrella Academy" Season 3 follows the events of "Hotel Oblivion" (and given the past few seasons, there will likely be that underlying tie-in), there are many different villains who could possibly emerge. The Hotel Oblivion is a place where Hargreeves kept all of the most powerful and evil villains the Umbrella Academy ever faced. The cast of characters is endless. From the Murder Magician, who appeared in a short story called "...But the Past Ain't Through with You," to the fierce Scientific Man, the villains that appear in "Hotel Oblivion" are equally as bizarre as they are terrifying. 

Regardless of the choice of villain, the 3rd season of "The Umbrella Academy" is likely to be a wild ride. The tie-ins to the comics and the complexity of the series' story make it so the show is an extremely enjoyable watch. This next season will likely be no different.