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Director Shawn Levy Explains How He And Ryan Reynolds Signed On To The Adam Project - Exclusive

Fans have delighted seeing Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds work together in a number of films like "Free Guy" and Netflix's new hit, "The Adam Project" — Reynolds even announced recently that Levy would direct the next "Deadpool" flick. Suffice to say, the two make a pretty dynamic duo, and it doesn't look like the pair will stop teaming up anytime soon.

In addition to blending genres, their latest film, "The Adam Project," tackles the nuances behind the joys and trials of family life, while shining a light on grief and inevitability. Of course, genre-blending isn't a new concept to the team, as "Free Guy" also tackled the human condition in the sci-fi mashup, making their work on "The Adam Project" a no-brainer. So, how did the recent partnership come together?

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Shawn Levy revealed how he and Reynolds teamed up to direct and star in the new Netflix original film.

It's another big score for the iconic actor/director duo

When Shawn Levy was asked if he had Ryan Reynolds in mind to play Adam when he signed onto the project, the director told Looper, "Yeah, we were in post-production on 'Free Guy,' and it was actually Ryan who called me. We were actively looking for more scripts to do together." It turns out that Reynolds brought "The Adam Project" movie script to Levy. The director added, "This one went to Ryan, and he said, 'What about a time travel movie about teaming up with your younger self and meeting your parents at your age?'"

It was love at first read for Levy. As the director recalled, "I knew from one sentence, 'Oh, this is a big juicy idea that would be fun, but also potentially very emotional.' To see the reactions of audiences, and to see that it's working as both a fun ride and an emotional experience, that's been really satisfying."

"The Adam Project" is now streaming on Netflix.