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The Office Star You Likely Didn't Know Played Lancelot In Shrek The Third

One of the rare treats of animated movies is having that ear-prickling sensation of hearing a familiar voice outside the realm you're used to picking it up in. That distinct tone that makes you quickly jump on IMDb to put a face to the animated vocal work you're hearing and shout to the heavens, "knew it was them!" One franchise that boasts a lot of those instances is "Shrek," which offered a top-class cast list at the forefront of the films with the likes of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz.

Spawning three sequels and two spin-offs (one of which was the recently revealed "Puss in Boots" sequel), a host of brilliant supporting talent appeared along the way. However, unlike Jennifer Saunders or Justin Timberlake turning up further down the line, one voice, in particular, was a star that would only get more famous after his turn in the land of Far Far Away. In "Shrek The Third," he was the voice behind Camelot-based jock Lancelot, who was briefly seen jousting a meek and mild King Arthur (Timberlake). It was only sometime after that he'd flourish as an actor and director of one of the scariest franchises in decades.

John Krasinski voiced Lancelot in Shrek the Third

Easy to miss back in 2007, Krasinski was slowly becoming a household name after entering his third year as one of the lead stars in "The Office" as the now-iconic Jim Halpert, so you'd have been remiss for catching him in a "Shrek" movie. Nevertheless, his attempt at medieval lingo mixed with a dash of high school bully paid off for the time we hear it in the third installment of the "Shrek" franchise.

Since then, Krasinski has gone on to star and direct the beloved "A Quiet Place" films, showing the breadth of his talent outside briefly bullying legendary kings. So much so that he's recently gotten back into the recording booth for more animated fun following his time at Dunder Mifflin, taking the lead as "Jack Ryan" and scaring us twice with the deathly sounds of silence. While it's a far cry from ogres and talking donkeys, Krasinski will be voicing Superman in DC's "League of the Super-Pets," starring alongside the likes of Keanu Reeves as Batman, Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Superdog, and Kevin Hart as the Bathound-to-be, Ace. You'll be able to give him and all the rest a listen when the film arrives in theaters on July 29 this year.