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The Brandi Passante Moment That Went Too Far On Storage Wars

"Storage Wars" is a very popular reality TV show that has been airing on A&E since 2010. It features lots of different people who professionally bid on forfeited storage lockers and end up selling the contents for (hopefully) a profit. Some people do it part time to make a little extra money on the side, while others attempt to make their fortune on the endeavor alone. Either way, it's vulture-esque voyeurism at its best which over 2 million people on Facebook find absolutely fascinating.

One of the longest-lasting lead participants is the fan favorite Brandi Passante. She and her long-term romantic partner Jarrod Schulz were on the show for more than 260 episodes. Many fans of the show claim that they tuned in specifically for Brandi and her good looks. And a fellow cast member's crass attitude on the subject led to one of the most shocking "Storage Wars" moments that people are still talking about years later.

Passante was the butt of a very lewd joke that seriously crossed the line

Bear with us, because things are about to get a little raunchy. It's no secret that Passante's physical appearance has attracted unwanted and inappropriate comments from  (and this particular Reddit thread is just one example of so, so many). In an older episode of "Storage Wars," this behavior bled over into the show itself with one of the other cast members, Barry Weiss, telling Passante's long-time romantic partner to his face that Weiss enjoys smoking cigars, but that he likes to "dip them in brandy first." Granted, dipping cigars in liquor is a known practice (BlackTailNYC.com). But it was most likely a play on Passante's first name mixed with a crude reference to a political sex scandal.

Fans of the show like Cheerilee noticed that Brandi was "looking pissed" after the lewd comment was made. Other fans, such as kentric, commented on how Weiss' "perversity" came into play during that moment while Slayven felt the so-called joke was "ice cold." It's one of the most talked about moments in the show's history, with hundreds of fans on different forums like Reddit, FootballGuys, and NeoGAF talking about it at length.