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The Chicago P.D. Episode That Brought Marina Squerciati To Tears

When "Chicago P.D." hit the airwaves in the Fall of 2014, few expected it to become a franchise-starting primetime hit. But that's exactly what happened with the long-running Dick Wolf produced drama, which is not only well into its ninth season on the air, but also remains the flagship series in NBC's wildly popular "One Chicago" franchise (including "Chicago Fire," and "Chicago Med").

For the bulk of its small screen run, "Chicago P.D." has also miraculously kept much of its original cast in place too, with the likes of Jason Beghe, Jesse Lee Sofer, Amy Morton, Laroyce Hawkins, and Patrick John Fluger having appeared in every, or nearly ever episode. So too has Marina Squerciati, who's been credited for playing Detective Kim Burgess in all 180-episodes of "Chicago P.D." to date. And over that stretch, Burgess has seen as many narrative ups and downs as anybody in District 21's Intelligence Unit.

Many of those heartbreaking moments have, of course, induced a tear or two from the series' fiercely devoted fandom. But the Season 5 episode of "Chicago P.D." that brings a tear to the eye of Marina Squerciati wasn't focused on Burgess at all. 

A major character's final episode proved an emotional one for Squerciati

Seems the one episode of "Chicago P.D." that makes Marina Squerciati cry is the Season 5 finale. It brings a tear to her eye because it marked the final appearance of original cast member Elias Koteas. The beloved character actor, of course, portrayed the IU's fan-favorite Detective Alvin Olinsky over the first five seasons of "Chicago P.D." In one of the series' most shocking narrative twists, Olinsky met a grisly end behind bars in the Season 5 finale after being framed for a murder committed by IU big boss Hank Voight (Beghe).

Shock value aside, Olinsky's series exit provided an emotional wallop the likes of which "Chicago P.D." has rarely conjured. And the dramatic effect was not lost on Squerciati, who admitted in a 2018 "Chicago P.D." promo video that she had indeed shed a few off-screen tears watching the episode. She did so under threat of a lie detector test as well which, real or not, confirmed the actor was telling the truth with her claims. As it is, Squerciati's tears likely had as much to do with the episode marking the last time she'd be with her longtime castmate. But if you've seen the episode in question, you know Olinsky's final on-screen moments were more than emotionally-charged. As such, we're guessing Marina Squerciati isn't the only viewer who wept while saying their goodbyes.