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The Most Underrated Turning Red Character According To Fans

Pixar's "Turning Red" has been warming hearts across the globe ever since its exclusive release on Disney+, with an original story and unique animation that fans have likened to anime and manga designs of old. When it comes to its characters, the new movie obviously has many that stick out, but what about the underrated ones? Which person from Meilin "Mei" Lee's (Rosalie Chiang) life managed to outshine their given spotlight and ultimately resonated with viewers the most?

Looking back at all the personalities from "Turning Red," it's easy to see why it's managed to strike a positive chord with people. The film currently has a 95% Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with reviewers calling it a "charming" Pixar flick that carves out its own path at the studio. "Anyone with a soul will warm to Mei, a raunchy little rebel whose lust for life turns the term "red-blooded" on its head," wrote Charlotte O'Sullivan with the London Evening Standard. But what about the underrated characters? Are we able to find out who fans think fits that category? Thanks to Reddit, we most certainly can ...

Mei's father is the most underrated Turning Point character according to Redditors

The verdict is in: Mei's quiet dad, Jin Lee (Orion Lee), is the most underrated character in all of "Turning Red." That was hinted at by more than 1,400 users on Reddit who liked a post saying so.

"Deeply grateful for the father in this film as possibly the only adult who is not a walking trauma factory," wrote original poster u/SonicFrost in a March 11 discussion. "Mei Mei's mother and her family stressed me the f*** out," they added. 

One of the best and most underrated things about Mei's father in "Turning Red," according to Redditors, is the fact that he seemed to always knew the right thing to say or the way to act when the time called for it. That, and the fact that he can cook, of course. "He makes good food and supports his family. Man is a treasure," remarked u/tensing99. "The part where he told Mei Mei that HE was the reason why Ming and her mom fought was very clever," explained u/crestren. "Like, obv he cant offer comfort by being relatable to MM's situation since...he cant turn into a red panda, but he comforts her and encourages MM to change and go for what she loves (her friends), just like how Ming fought hard for him," the Redditor added. "Dad of the year."