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Who Plays Full Metal On Seal Team?

"SEAL Team" has undergone a notable transformation from its original incarnation, which debuted in 2017. Beginning its existence on CBS, the show recently underwent a move to Paramount+ for Season 5, which will continue with its upcoming sixth season — not to mention the newly-announced "SEAL Team" movie, which will also land on the streamer. Through it all, the show has remained anchored by themes of brotherhood among soldiers, with the core dynamic revolving around Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and his rag-tag team of operators.

However, as "SEAL Team" routinely lays out in its storylines, the life of a United States Special Forces soldier can be fraught with peril. As such, the show has seen plenty of cast members come and go as characters meet their untimely ends on the battlefield, including during the events of Season 4. One such character is Scott Carter, aka Full Metal.

Of course, behind the scenes, there is a fascinating backstory to the actor who plays Full Metal. Let's dive in and take a closer look at the performer who brought this soldier to life.

Full Metal is played by real-life SEAL Scott Foxx

If Full Metal's skills as a soldier seemed authentic during his time on "SEAL Team," that is because they were earned on a real-life battlefield. The character of Scott "Full Metal" Carter was actually portrayed by Scott Foxx, a former Navy SEAL (per TVLine). Foxx served two tours of duty in Iraq, the first occurring in 2005 and the second occurring in 2007 (as seen through photos on his personal Instagram). From there, he has gone on to take a technical consulting role for Hollywood depictions of Special Forces units, which is how he found himself on the cast of "SEAL Team."

As Foxx's background is somewhat atypical compared to other actors who play Navy SEALs in Hollywood, his IMDb list of on-screen credits is comparatively limited. Outside of his work on "SEAL Team," the only other on-screen work he has done is a role as Travis Carter alongside Josh Brolin and Miles Teller in Joseph Kosinski's "Only the Brave." The 2017 film chronicles the lives and untimely deaths of a handful of real-life firefighters who perished during a wildfire in 2013. Beyond that, while Foxx will no longer appear on-camera as Full Metal on the series, he will retain his consulting role.

He may no longer be present in front of the camera, but hopefully his presence behind the scenes will help "SEAL Team" continue its trademark military authenticity.