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The Best Time Mariska Hargitay Broke Character On Law And Order: SVU

On a show like "Law & Order: SVU," where the titular Special Victims Unit exclusively deals with some of the most difficult crimes ones can imagine, it's understandable that the actors playing the likes of Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) would need to let loose a little on set. Performing in emotionally intense scenes about abuse and other traumatic situations can be harrowing, and it's no doubt useful to be reminded that the scenes in question are dramatized fiction. 

Apparently, however, conditions during production are actually pretty relaxed and tight-knit. One Redditor who claims to have worked as a background actor on the show explained that the happy atmosphere on the "SVU" set is, in part, because the workdays are shorter than other similar series. And when it comes to the cast, "23 seasons in they've become a family with the crew and that comes out daily."

That might explain why some of the "Law & Order: SVU" bloopers are so funny, especially this one where Mariska Hargitay really shows her goofy side to the camera.

A Law & Order: SVU blooper sees Mariska Hargitay blowing raspberries at Christopher Meloni

The outtake in question is obviously meant to be footage for a typically serious "Law & Order: SVU" scene between partners Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Olivia Benson. However, Meloni clearly can't hold it together. This in turn makes Mariska Hargitay crack up, even as Meloni tries desperately to stifle his laughter and get back into character.

Both of them can't help smiling and giggling as the take progresses. Hargitay even blows raspberries at Meloni, who waves a hand over himself as if to find composure. She then laughs at an offscreen person, telling them, "You sneezed at the same time." Finally, Meloni wipes away tears and, in a squeaky voice, says, "Okay, I'm ready to party." It's clear that Hargitay's antics had him struggling to not devolve into full-on laughter.

It isn't surprising that Hargitay has a good sense of humor, as evidenced by her comedic cameo in "The Love Guru." But this outtake suggests that "Law & Order: SVU" doesn't just have a relaxed environment, but has one of the most truly entertaining sets in television.