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How The Boys Fans Really Feel About Becca

Picture a person filled with all of the greatest attributes known to man. Not only is this individual kind and charming, this fellow also somehow manages to be charitable and selfless in every waking second of their life. In fact, this good-hearted soul even spends all of their dreams thinking up ways they can do more to help others. Now, make this person extremely attractive, give them God-like superpowers, and rob them of all those qualities we mentioned in this article's first three sentences. In fact, replace those qualities with their exact inverses, however you may define them. What you have left over might begin to approximate an average so-called "Supe" in Amazon Prime Video's "The Boys." 

Outside of a few exceptions like Annie (aka Starlight) (Erin Moriarty) and Maeve (Dominique McElligott), most fans of "The Boys" would probably agree that the vast majority of "Supes" are less-than-stellar examples of human beings. Of course, because you sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, each member of the "The Boys," the group aiming to take down all Supes, is also occasionally found to be somewhat lacking in this department. Fans may love him, but Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) is certainly no saint.

But, what about the few people in the series that fall outside of both groups? Becca Butcher (Shantel VanSanten) isn't a Supe, but she certainly doesn't qualify as a member of the Supe-hating "Boys" either. As is true with most series on television (and any other topic, really), Reddit is the land of the very opinionated and we turn to the famous forum for insight into Becca Butcher.

Some fans miss Becca

In a discussion thread posted to r/TheBoys a whole nine months after "The Boys" Season 2 finale aired, a number of people reflected on their opinion of Becca Butcher, the late wife of Billy Butcher. Although Becca does everything to keep her son away from other poisonous Supes like his father, Homelander (Antony Starr), and Homelander's Nazi girlfriend, Stormfront (Aya Cash), Becca ultimately dies in the midst of this effort. Surely at least in part due to the character's brutal death in Season 2, Episode 8 ("What I Know"), many commenters reported that they viewed Becca in a compassionate light. 

In introducing a new thread to the subreddit, U/phantom_avenger said, "Despite not interacting much on screen, I liked how Becca is the only other woman (aside from Annie) in the S2 finale who had respect for Hughie whereas Donna & Maeve criticized him." This post received more than 200 total upvotes. A majority of the responses to the post focused on Donna and Maeve's reactions to Hughie, but a few commenters also bit on the original poster's comments about the late Mrs. Butcher. 

U/gallraster said, "I think Maeve criticized Hughie out of spite. Donna is just a moron. Becca knew that Hughie was a much needed positive influence on Butcher." At total of 80 Reddit users marked their agreement with this comment via the upvote button. In another short and sweet reply to the thread, U/Basic_Masterpiece_33 said, "Becca was really nice and I miss her." The Reddit community ultimately found this latter contribution worthy of 10 upvotes, signaling at least some agreement with the very sentimental response.

"The Boys" Season 3 returns on Amazon Prime Video on June 3 (via YouTube).