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The Boys Reveals An Intriguing New Supe Ahead Of Season 3

As much as Marvel's TV dominance continues to expand, there's still a team of super-hating heroes fans can't wait to see return that isn't even a part of that world. Emmy-nominated show "The Boys" from Amazon Studios won't be back until next year, but an impressive effort is being made to keep the subversive superhero satire on our radars by way of the fake news program owned by the show's shady corporate overlord Vought. We're speaking of course of "Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman," which airs hilarious minisodes on YouTube.

The past few bulletins have featured various appearances with members of The Seven, including Homelander (Anthony Starr), the sociopathic Superman-mockery that is out to get The Boys. Among the Vought-tastic promos and push for the company's branded heroes, the latest "Seven on 7" mentions an all-new Supe we've not met in the series yet, and this patriotic crimefighter seems like he'll be a perfect fit what with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) also hurtling toward his on-screen debut.

Blue Hawk may have character traits of an iconic Marvel hero

Unlike many characters in the bloody and brutal superhero show, newcomer Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) looks to be an all-new creation for the series — one not drawn from the Garth Ennis comic book series that the blockbuster show is based on. The closest comparison would be the Wolverine-type member of The G-Men (an apparent dig at Marvel's X-Men) called Ground Hawk, but he was borderline feral in the comics, and this mustachioed fellow appears relatively tame. Just look at him there — he's even wearing a helmet. For safety. Given what appears to be pilot attire, there's a chance this hero could in fact be a riff on DC's Blackhawks, instead.

Wechsler is the latest new addition to the upcoming season of "The Boys" following the arrival of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy (eat your heart out, Cap), and Laurie Holden from "The Walking Dead" as Crimson Countess. You can expect to see them both in action when "The Boys" get back in town on Amazon Prime Video in 2022.