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The Hilarious The Office Easter Egg You Definitely Missed On Peacock

NBC's "The Office" is a television show that never ceases to entertain or make us laugh, especially in today's day and age. Now, thanks to the wonderful world of streaming, people are able to watch Greg Daniels' beloved sitcom at any given time, while also getting a few Easter eggs here and there in other streaming-related ways. Case-in-point: TikTok user McKenzie Floyd's now-viral discovery on Peacock. 

A short while ago, Floyd posted a video on her page explaining that her boyfriend was a big Terms and Conditions guy, meaning he regularly reads them. When glossing over Peacock's T&C, they managed to discover a secret — one so important and sacred to "The Office" mythology and show lore that it's been talked about in fan circles for years now. "Why was that necessary to put on here?" Floyd said in her TikTok video, laughing and making reference to the Easter egg. 

Right about now you're probably asking, "What could this hidden gem really be?" Well, let's just say it's famous.

Kevin's chili recipe is included in Peacock's terms of service

Rejoice, "The Office" fans! NBC has finally decided to bless us all with Kevin Malone's (Brian Baumgartner) famous chili recipe, which the network has hidden deep within Peacock's terms of service. 

"I'm trying to figure out why the chili from 'The Office' — the recipe is on here in the terms and conditions, with the instructions," McKenzie Floyd said in her viral TikTok video. AV Club was one of the first media outlets to stumble upon Floyd and her boyfriend's discovery, though some on Twitter said that the recipe was added in honor of National Chili Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday of February. 

Social media users have since posted Kevin's chili recipe online in full, including on Twitter and a handful of other websites. And for those wondering: Yes, it actually includes instructions, saying, "The secret is to undercook the onions."

"Cue 'Kevin's chili [TikTok] challenge,'" joked Twitter user @PorzingodJones