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The Sam Hanna Scene That Went Too Far On NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 13 of "NCIS: Los Angeles" is back in full swing, which means you can find LL Cool J fans glued to their TV screens every Sunday evening for the foreseeable future. The actor and rapper's Sam Hanna character has been one of the most popular and best things going for the CBS spinoff, but things haven't always been so peachy keen for his NCIS senior field agent.

Over the years, we've seen Sam get himself into some crazy situations that have sometimes gone too far. Being an NCIS agent will do that to you. But in terms of crossing that line, it's hard to find a moment or scene that compares to Sam's Season 4 ordeal that went down in the show's finale. Not only were many fans traumatized by what they saw in that last episode, but it left a serious impact on both Sam and Eric Christian Olsen's character Marty Deeks, who was also involved. 

The torture of Sam and Deeks

It's a moment in "NCIS: LA" history that will likely be what people remember most about Season 4 — the finale's graphic torture scene. LL Cool J's Sam Hanna and Eric Christian Olsen's Marty Deeks are violently roughed up by some goons in an attempt to get information. While Sam seems to get off pretty easy with a few rounds of electrocution, Deeks unfortunately isn't so lucky. 

"Are they drilling his teeth? Wtf this is giving me nightmares," commented a YouTube user underneath a video showing the scene. "They're either drilling his tongue or drilling through his gums to the bone," another user replied. "Either way it's not pleasant." 

With Cool J's Sam forced to watch, Olsen's Deeks is tortured repeatedly to the point where Sam appears to be crying for him. "Even after all [these] years, I still think this is one of the most surprising and most well executed torture scenes I have ever seen on TV," wrote YouTuber Camelia0192. "I really felt horrified by that and I still am," they said. Another person added, "Deeks and Sam's relationship changed after this."