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Halloween Ends For Real This Time

Ever since its inception in 1978 under the direction of cinema legend John Carpenter, the "Halloween" franchise has remained one of the cornerstones of slasher terror. Michael Myers is an icon of the genre, with one of the most instantly-recognizable masks and highest body counts. The popularity of Myers and the "Halloween" franchise as a whole has arguably only gone up in recent years as well, with Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green delivering a rebooted version of the "Halloween" franchise that only acknowledges the original film in the series and ignores the series' sequel timelines.

David Gordon Green's "Halloween" trilogy kicked off in 2018 with "Halloween," bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis as a PTSD-afflicted, survivalist version of Laurie Strode, who has waited for Michael Myers to escape once more. The story continued in 2021 with "Halloween Kills," a profoundly subversive sequel that briefly took Laurie out of the action and showed what Michael's reign of terror had done to the people of Haddonfield. That leads to "Halloween Ends," which is scheduled to debut later this year on October 14.

Updates on the production of "Halloween Ends" have slowly but surely trickled in over the last several months. As the film that will cap off this current trilogy, it is expected that "Halloween Ends" will wrap up the Laurie and Michael story in a definitive way. As fans wait for that climactic showdown, a significant update from producer Ryan Turek confirms that "Halloween Ends" has just hit a major milestone.

Halloween Ends has wrapped shooting

Production on "Halloween Ends" has finally wrapped for the cast and crew. In fact, producer Ryan Turek even posted a photo to his Instagram to commemorate the occasion. In the image, the sun can be seen rising over the shooting locations that stood in for Haddonfield, Illinois, while the cast and crew walk off of the set after an "emotional" final night working on the project.

The background of the image posted by Turek also offers some interesting information on the upcoming movie's set design. Most notably, there is a billboard for the Rabbit in Red Lounge, which is the same lounge that Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens) got her matches from in the first movie. Beyond that, however, very few actual plot details can be gleaned from the image, as the overall plot of "Halloween Ends" (and how exactly it picks up from "Halloween Kills") remains shrouded in mystery.

The announcement that "Halloween Ends" has wrapped comes only a couple of weeks after another notable milestone for the film's production. Specifically, Jamie Lee Curtis took to her Instagram to confirm that she had wrapped her portion of the film as Laurie Strode, capping off a role that she has consistently played in every decade for the last 44 years. Now, with principal photography done, the project will move into post-production, and the crew will continue to work on the final entry in this "Halloween" trilogy so it can be ready for its October 14 debut.