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Halloween Ends For Jamie Lee Curtis After Six Decades

In 1978, actor Jamie Lee Curtis made her film debut as Laurie Strode in "Halloween," a slasher film by director John Carpenter. "Halloween" introduces Michael Myers (Nick Castle), a young man who has just escaped a psychiatric hospital, where he has been undergoing treatment for the past 15 years after killing his older sister when he was just six years old. Once he escapes, Michael Myers returns to his hometown, the fictional Haddonfield, Illinois, where he sets his sights on a new victim: teen babysitter Laurie Strode.

"Halloween" has since become one of the most iconic horror movies ever — and has held up as one of the scariest movies of all time. As with any successful horror film, "Halloween" was built into a franchise and now consists of a whopping 12 films, with a 13th, "Halloween Ends," slated to premiere this October. As for the original film's star, Curtis has reprised her role six times following "Halloween," counting the upcoming 13th installment. All in all, Curtis has been tied to the character of Laurie Strode across six decades.

However, all good things must come to an end — Curtis' time playing Laurie included. Thus, "Halloween Ends" will mark the last time that Curtis takes on the role of Laurie for a "Halloween" film. To mark the end of an era, Curtis took to social media to say goodbye to the character and the franchise that kickstarted her career.

Curtis marks a 'bittersweet' end

Jamie Lee Curtis has confirmed via Instagram that her time playing Laurie Strode, the fearless heroine of the "Halloween" films, who has faced off against Michael Myers time and time again, has officially come to an end. Curtis posted a series of photos that "remind [her] of the wonderful time" making "Halloween" films over the years, including a tattoo that reads "Laurie Strode 4 Ever."

In her caption, Curtis wrote, "A bittersweet END for me on the Halloween movies. I've made great friends and have collaborated with wonderful artists on these three movies and today my part in the film has been completed and with it the END for me of this trilogy. It's all because of the fans who have always supported me and more importantly, Laurie." 

The actor then went on to thank the creative teams at the production companies involved: Blumhouse, Universal, Miramax, and Roughhouse Pictures. Next, Curtis gave a shout out to her costars, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak, who play Jodie's daughter and granddaughter respectively, as well as her "nemesis," James Jude Courtney, who took over the role of Michael Myers for the most recent three films. Curtis concluded, "I love this crew and cast and I will miss you all. We can't wait for the fans to see the movie."

We can't wait to see Curtis' final portrayal of Laurie Strode when "Halloween Ends" premieres in October 2022.