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David Gordon Green Offers Some Intriguing Details About Halloween Ends

When David Gordon Green delivered "Halloween" in 2018, horror fans were met with a fascinating sequel which looks at post traumatic stress through the lens of Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Although the ending suggests that Michael is killed in the fiery inferno of Laurie's house, he survives to keep terrorizing Haddonfield in 2021's "Halloween Kills."

The sequel picks up minutes after the 2018 film with the house still ablaze as Laurie, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) rush to the hospital to recover from their ordeal. Although Curtis recently revealed that she found it difficult to rein in Laurie's determination to keep fighting Michael in the sequel, since the character is still severely injured from the first film. That doesn't mean "Halloween Kills" isn't action-packed or gory, because Myers is severely violent in the film, although we're still wondering why the hair on his mask isn't burnt off during the fire.

Anyway, the next film in the modern series is "Halloween Ends," and it's slated for release on October 14, 2022, so there's a little while to wait until audiences see Michael again. Director David Gordon Green recently revealed some interesting details about the sequel.

There's a surprising time jump

David Gordon Green recently explained that there's a time jump in between "Halloween Kills" and 2022's "Halloween Ends." The director was speaking to Fandom when he revealed, "We're jumping time a little bit in [Halloween Ends]," while also adding, "but part of what we're exploring is how Laurie and a few of our characters have processed those years between Halloween 2018 and that night's events and tragedies." It seems the time jump is being used as a way for the characters to deal with what's happened, rather than instantly throwing them into another night of pure terror.

The director also says that the sequel is where "they will come to fruition in their psychological aftermath." Clearly, the cycle of trauma for the Strode/Nelson family is never-ending if the ending of "Halloween Kills" is any indication. Fandom's Kim Taylor-Foster pointed out that Allyson Nelson will clearly be one of the characters under the microscope in "Ends" because of how much Myers takes away from her in such a short space of time. Green confirmed this by saying, "That's exactly what Halloween Ends [explores] — the core of that story is [Allyson's] considerations and psychology."

Clearly Michael and Allyson's story will go to some interesting new places when "Halloween Ends" wraps up the modern trilogy on October 14, 2022.