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The Sylvie Brett Storyline Chicago Fire Fans Thought Was Totally Useless

Establishing herself as one of the core characters on the long-running hit action-drama "Chicago Fire," paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) joined the Firehouse 51 crew all the way back in 2014 in the episode "Always." Brought on board as a replacement for the recently deceased Leslie Shay (Lauren German), Brett was assigned to Ambulance 61 as Paramedic in Charge and quickly showed herself to be a valuable addition to the firehouse team.

During her time on the series, Killmer's character has had more than her share of drama and intrigue, with appearances in over 160 episodes spanning some seven seasons (via IMDb). From being kidnapped while on a rescue call, to more than one brush with romantic entanglements, Brett's eventful time on the series has included plenty of high points. But as with any character on a series that has run for as long as "Fire," some narrative arcs are simply going to miss the mark with even the most forgiving viewers. That being said, what's the Sylvie Brett storyline on "Chicago Fire" that fans thought was the most completely worthless?

The storyline involving Brett's biological mother had fans fuming

Given up for adoption by her teenaged mother Julie (Kelly Deadmon) when she was an infant, Sylvie Brett was raised by foster parents. With virtually no contact with her biological mother over the years, Brett is shocked when Julie arrives in Chicago and wants to meet up in the Season 8 episode "Off the Grid." Reluctant at first, Brett finally agrees to meet her and learns that Julie is pregnant and wants Sylvie to be involved in the new arrival's life. But when Julie abruptly dies in childbirth, some long-time fans of the show felt decidedly put off.

Commenting on a Reddit discussion of the episode, user u/Iowfarmgirlatheart complained, "Why did they bring Sylvie's long lost pregnant birth mother on the show, get them so attached ... then kills her off as soon as she delivers then the husband moves away with the baby! What's the point?" Reddit poster u/AnnaNonna seemed to feel the writers simply dropped the ball, saying, "...Not only was it a stupid idea, it was badly written and unconvincing ... I just didn't buy it." And in the opinion of Redditor u/TheQuirkyReddit, the whole thing seemed emblematic of a larger, overall pattern, saying "Let's be real there [are] quite a few story's [sic] throughout the Chicago franchise that just don't make sense." So, while there may have been other moments in her on-screen life that didn't click with viewers, this seems to be the one Sylvie Brett storyline that fans found to be totally useless