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Danny Ramirez Compares And Contrasts Working On A Marvel Project With No Exit - Exclusive

The following article contains spoilers for "No Exit."

Two of actor Danny Ramirez's most recent projects couldn't see him playing two completely polar opposite characters. In "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," he's Joaquin Torres, an associate of Sam Wilson's (Anthony Mackie) and a first lieutenant in the United States Air Force that goes along with Sam on various missions to investigate the Flag Smashers. The show's director Kari Skogland even admitted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Joaquin was a "bit of a puppy dog."

But when you compare that with Ramirez's role in Hulu's "No Exit," you can see his range. In the Hulu movie, Ramirez plays a guy named Ash who may seem nice enough at first, but his true intentions are soon revealed as positively sinister. It turns out he's one of the men who kidnapped the young girl, and he goes to even greater lengths than Lars (David Rysdahl) to ensure they deliver the girl to wherever they want to take her. 

Ramirez spoke exclusively with Looper about his time in both projects, and he even discussed the similarities and differences between something as massive as Marvel to something lower-scale like "No Exit."

The different locations of the two productions mattered

Anyone wanting more scoop on Danny Ramirez's future with the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to wait a bit longer. With the announcement of "Captain America 4," there's a ton of speculation that Ramirez's character Joaquin Torres could become the MCU's new Falcon, now that Sam Wilson wears a different kind of uniform. In the interview with Looper, however, Ramirez remained mum on whether he'll return to the franchise any time soon, but he was able to elaborate on how filming a Marvel movie differed from a smaller budget project like "No Exit."

Naturally, the two projects were in entirely different genres with "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" being a superhero drama series while "No Exit" is an intense thriller. Other than that, the two projects were similar, he said, in that you're working with people who are passionate about what they do. As Ramirez explained, "It's working with people that inspire you, with every choice they do, with everything that they bring to the table." 

Outside of those factors, the main difference between the two came down to locations. "No Exit" primarily takes place around a visitor center. Meanwhile, "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" is a globe-trotting adventure. Ramirez went on to say, "The story itself, being a single location, was the really juicy part of 'No Exit' that, we all got to know this place so well that by the end of those three months, I could close my eyes, and walk back into the space and know there's so much in it that had so much texture. That's the big difference, is being able to really sit and explore one location, which was, in some ways, a massive privilege."

"No Exit" is now available exclusively on Hulu.