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Why Captain America's Shield Means More Than You Think

Nowadays, the world seems to be fully obsessed with all things superheroes. Thanks to blockbuster films by the comic powerhouses Marvel and DC, the realm of superheroes is much more mainstream now than it has ever been. However, that's not to say superheroes haven't been around pop culture for a while now. In fact, many of today's most-loved superheroes come from the Golden Age of comic books of the late 1930s and 1940s, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Comic books and the heroes on their covers rose to fame during World War II, when they were a cheap form of entertainment. They often depicted tales of pro-American characters trumping over world evil, which many resonated with at the time. But the patriotism theme was never so prevalent as it was in the "Captain America" comic books. "Captain America" is centered on Steve Rogers, a formerly scrawny, but eager-to-fight Army recruit who is given a "super-soldier serum" and is thus transformed into a powerful, Nazi-smashing hero. Everything from the Captain's personality to his flashy costume is modeled after American ideals. Even his choice of weapon, an indestructible shield, has a deeper meaning.

Captain America's shield is a symbol of American values

When Captain America became a super-solider, he was gifted a vibranium shield bedecked patriotically in red, white, and blue. A shield is certainly an interesting choice of weapon for someone who was literally created to kills Nazis, but nonetheless, Captain America has stood by his shield for years. One reason he may carry a shield instead of a more obvious weapon is to symbolize Captain America as a defender rather than an aggressor (via Comic Years). Cap is a patriot through and through, so he will fight tooth and nail to defend his beloved country. The shield symbolizes Cap as the ultimate defender of America's ideals of freedom and liberty, plus he defends America from harm in a literal sense, too.

Captain America's shield could also serve as a testament to America's willpower and resilience. Thanks to its vibranium-alloy makeup, the shield is incredibly durable and strong. Just like the shield, America bounces back from just about any trouble that is thrown at it. Additionally, Cap's shield could symbolize his non-lethal stance or could be a nod to the MLJ superhero, the Shield. All in all, Captain America's shield could stand for plenty of other things, but it is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable symbols of superheroes.