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The Most Heartbreaking Erin Moment From Blue Bloods

At the heart of CBS cop drama "Blue Bloods" are the Regans, including, among its family-based ensemble, characters like NYPD commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck), Detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), and District Attorney Erin (Bridget Moynahan). Erin is something of a divisive character among fans of "Blue Bloods," most recently, for example, drawing criticism when she stalked her partner Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) rather than asking him outright about a new acquaintance of his in the show's 250th episode.

Criticism of Erin dates back even to Season 2, when some fans found Erin's choice to continue a romance with an art gallery curator, even after learning of crimes he committed in his past, to be questionable. In fact, these and similar reactions to some of Erin's decisions have led fans online to question why she so consistently draws such ire.

That said, in "Blue Bloods" Season 11, Erin suffers a significant career setback that, in contrast to such moments, compelled many viewers to express their sympathy for her, amounting to what is arguably the most heartbreaking moment from throughout Erin's tenure on the series.

Erin misses out on a promotion

When Season 11 Episode 2 of "Blue Bloods" begins, Erin learns that her boss Samar Charwell (Aasif Mandvhi) has been arrested, leaving his Manhattan District Attorney position open. Erin is open about wanting to take his spot, but eventually learns that the promotion went to someone else with arguably better qualifications. While this decision seemingly makes sense from her superiors' point of view, viewers are well familiar with Erin's dedication to her work, making this a moment even her biggest detractors should find heartbreaking.

After the episode aired, Twitter user @StephonJS87 described Erin's career setback as "messed up." Similarly, "Bachelor" franchise fan account @bachnationunite shared that they were "sad for Erin."

On Reddit, meanwhile, user laurwallll started a thread titled "Erin deserves a different position," expressing sympathy for Erin developing something of a bitter attitude after getting passed up for the DA job. Their post pointed out that this followed an application of hers for a judge position being rejected earlier on the show. Commenter TEX5003 also mentioned that she had been passed over for the DA position once before, making the moment she learns she didn't get the job in Season 11 Episode 2 all the more affecting, given that it's the latest in an ongoing series of setbacks.

Of course, as the series continues, what is quite possibly Erin's lowest moment thus far may end up making any future career successes all the more satisfying.