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The Real Reason Blue Bloods Fans Have Issues With Erin

As the only member of the Reagan family on "Blue Bloods" not directly plugged into the New York City Police Department, Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynihan) is often in a bad place when it comes to family controversies at work. Nearly every season of the series involves some dispute between the District Attorney's office, where Erin works, and the NYPD, where the rest of her family is employed. This routinely leaves members of the Reagan family tongue-tied at dinner during confrontations between the two pieces of the criminal justice system.

Often at odds with her brothers, father, and grandfather (at a minimum), Erin nonetheless takes her job as Assistant District Attorney very seriously. She works day in and day out to ensure that no civil liberties or constitutional rights are violated in the police department's pursuit of justice. She remains loyal to her family when all is said and done, almost always appearing for the weekly Sunday dinners.

Despite the amount of effort she puts in to keep the system as honest as possible, Erin's role has led a handful of members of the r/BlueBloods fan community on Reddit to ask a straightforward question: Why do some people hate Erin?

Blue Bloods fans are all over the board with Erin

One decidedly noncommittal answer to NavyPenguin9005's post came from Powerful_Factor1887, who simply responded, "Honestly I have no idea." Despite its lack of clarity in solving the question at hand, it was one of the most upvoted responses in the thread. Another much more direct answer came from scarborough_bluffer, who said, "I hate to be the one to pull out the gender card but – misogyny. She's strong [and] firm and that can be intimidating to some people."

One answer delved more into the inherent difference between the jobs she and the other members of her family perform. BuffytheBison left a long comment that said in part, "Being a police officer is a blue collar job, being a lawyer is white collar and so the audience is predisposed to see Erin as stuck up, snooty, and elitist."

Another response from ghostwriter623 made sure to distinguish disliking Erin and mistakenly aiming ire at actress Bridget Moynihan. The user stated, "I don't hate Erin but I do feel she can be smarmy at times (credit to Bridget Moynahan for doing a remarkable job with that, BTW)."

Whether or not people hate Erin, Moynihan appears to enjoy her job as she has now appeared in more than 200 episodes of the long-running series.