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Erin Reagan's Worst Moment In Blue Bloods Season 2

After watching just a single episode of "Blue Bloods," one thing becomes readily apparent — the Reagan family all take their jobs seriously. The Reagans work in law enforcement to varying degrees, from patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) serving as the police commissioner to his daughter Erin (Bridget Moynahan) functioning as the assistant district attorney. As such, their jobs often collide with one another as they often need to collaborate or occasionally butt heads. 

For the most part, the Reagans serve as consummate professionals. They all have ample experience in their lines of work, and they do their best to help New York City with grace and dignity. However, just because they're charged to serve and protect doesn't necessarily mean they always make the best decisions, and that includes Erin. She always seems to have a level head to her. After all, she needs to make good decisions not just for her own well-being but for the betterment of her daughter, Nicky (Sami Gayle). That's what makes one "Blue Bloods" Season 2 storyline so confusing to watch.

Erin's relationship with Jacob is ill-advised, at best

Erin has plenty on her plate as the assistant district attorney, but it makes sense she'd still want to get into a relationship at some point. Throughout the series, she's had various beaus, but few have stood out as much as Jacob Krystal (Fred Weller). He seems like a perfect new partner for Erin. He's an art gallery curator and seems to get along swimmingly with Nicky. That is until Erin realizes that he's wanted in an art heist investigation. 

Amazingly, Jacob's first episode isn't his last, as Erin continues having a somewhat amorous relationship with the man. One would surmise that the ADA would know better than to get mixed up romantically in a potential criminal case, even though Jacob continues to insist that what he did wasn't technically against the law. Ultimately, Jacob left town, leaving Erin alone once again.

Erin's an intelligent woman who does her job extremely well most of the time. The fact she would jeopardize everything by getting involved with an art thief seems out of character, no matter how badly she wants to be in a relationship. As for now, it's perhaps for the best to file this one under a poor decision on Erin's part.