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The Real Reason Casey Hasn't Completely Disappeared From Chicago Fire

"Chicago Fire" is one of NBC's hottest dramas, and it's part of the trifecta that makes up the "One Chicago" franchise (the other two being "Chicago PD" and "Chicago Med"). The series is a fictionalized look at what first responders in Chicago have to go through while fighting fires and saving people from traumatic accidents. As with any network drama, "Chicago Fire" is not just about what these people do their day job — it also deals with compelling storylines that tackle what happens when these characters are off the clock.

As a result, romance abounds on "Chicago Fire," with numerous couples getting together and then calling it quits as the series has progressed through its ten seasons. One of the biggest fan-favorite couples by far is Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), affectionately referred to as "Brettsey" by fans. Even though viewers have been waiting for this couple to get together for years, it seems they were destined to have a rocky romance. "Chicago Fire" hinted at a possible breakup in Season 10's fourth episode and then confirmed in Episode 5 that Spencer — and, in turn, Casey — would be leaving the show.

Even though Spencer has left the building (and by building, we mean Firehouse 51), series co-creator Derek Haas' recent comments about Casey reveal why the character hasn't completely disappeared from the show and teased a way for him to possibly return to the Windy City.

Casey is still an important part of Brett's life, even from afar

In a recent interview with Variety, "Chicago Fire" co-creator Derek Haas admitted that he wasn't willing to disappoint anyone by letting Brett and Casey's relationship die simply because Jesse Spencer is no longer on the show. Not only will Casey and Brett maintain a long-distance connection, but Haas is leaving the door wide open for future guest appearances if Spencer's interested. "It would have felt like cheating after having them building that relationship over so many seasons and then just throwing it away because of production demand," he told Variety. He also noted, "I would be mortified if there was a wedding that didn't include Casey," alluding to the upcoming nuptials of Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Fans are understandably excited. @MeetUsAtMollys, the Twitter account of the official "One Chicago" podcast, tweeted out their support for the long-distance couple in November 2021, saying, "Casey and Brett being pen pals? That's adorable! #ChicagoFire." Fans were mostly supportive in the comment section, including @IamLindaL, who wrote, "Even without Casey on-screen, Brettsey still continues to be the cutest couple! #Brettsey," and @samantharob23 adding, "I just love them so much! I'm glad we're still getting Brettsey content even if Casey went and moved to Oregon."