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Chicago Fire Makes Franchise History With Its Newest Co-Showrunner

In a television market overrun with crime dramas and police procedurals, NBC shook things up a bit with "Chicago Fire." The series puts the professional and personal lives of the Chicago Fire Department staff on full display against the backdrop of the fictional Firehouse 51. Evidently, viewers have responded well to this premise, with the program still going strong well past its October 2012 premiere date. In fact, it has cultivated such a dedicated fanbase that it has become something of a contemporary to small screen giants like "NCIS" and "Law & Order." 

The meteoric rise of "Chicago Fire" has been nothing short of history-making, and it's displaying no sign of slowing down. Now just beyond a staggering 200 episodes, the show is in the midst of its tenth season. Not to mention its spin-offs — "Chicago Med" and "Chicago P.D." — are both doing well for themselves at seven and nine seasons, respectively. Suffice to say, creator Dick Wolf has developed another TV dynasty, and just as it's not yet finished telling its story, it's not done collecting historic headlines either.

"Chicago Fire" just enlisted a new showrunner, and their promotion marks an incredible achievement for the "Chicago" franchise.

Every Chicago title now has a female showrunner

As revealed by Deadline on November 12, 2021, longtime "Chicago Fire" co-executive producer Andrea Newman is officially a co-showrunner. She has been a part of the series since it began, but it wasn't until Season 6 that she landed the EP spot. Newman will work alongside fellow showrunner Derek Haas going forward, who said, "Andrea's voice is embedded in the soul of 'Chicago Fire,'" and that "no one in Hollywood works harder or cares more about making great television than she." — calling her "an immensely gifted storyteller, manager, colleague, and friend."

The COO of Wolf Entertainment, Peter Jankowski, also shared some kind words about Newman, referring to her as "an integral member of our 'Chicago Fire' writing team since day one." Although, while Andrea Newman's promotion on its own is certainly a cause for celebration, it made some incredible history as well. With "Chicago P.D." showrunner Gwen Sigan and Diane Frolov of "Chicago Med," this is the first time that every title in the "Chicago" franchise has had female showrunner at the forefront simultaneously. 

Given Andrea Newman's glowing endorsement from Derek Haas, her experience working on "Chicago Fire," and her lengthy TV résumé that includes such projects as "Felicity," "24," and "Cold Case," it goes without saying that she's the perfect person for the job.