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55% Of Castlevania Fans Agree This Is Their Favorite Villain

The world of Netflix's adaptation of the video game franchise "Castlevania" is chock-full of powerful undead adversaries, hideous monsters, and corrupt mortals. The events of the show are set in motion when a fearful religious organization executes Dracula's (Graham McTavish) wife, which earns the immortal bloodsucker's eternal wrath. Filled with anger and vengeance, Dracula unleashes his vampiric and mortal servants, as well as a legion of monsters known as Night Creatures, against the mortal population in a genocidal campaign of worldwide human annihilation.

Joining his unholy crusade are Camilla (Jaime Murray), Godbrand (Peter Stormare), and Varney (Malcolm McDowell), as well as his human forgemasters Isaac (Adetokumboh M'Cormack) and Hector (Theo James), who are the ones responsible for the creation of the previously mentioned Night Creatures. However, these are not the only ones who stand in opposition to Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), who also is drawn into conflict with corrupt and selfish human opposition. Recently, an informal poll was held to determine who fans thought was the best villain was on "Castlevania", and there definitely was a clear consensus.

Fans favored Dracula as the best villain on Castlevania

Created by Reddit user BloodyEagle15, the poll asked fans for their favorite villain of "Castlevania" with the options being Dracula, The Bishop (Matt Frewer), Sala (Navid Negahban), Camilla, and Varney, and it seems that the overwhelming majority of the votes went to none other than Dracula with 55% of the vote. The next runner-up was Camilla, who earned 24% of the vote, followed by The Bishop at 9%, Varney at 7%, and Sala at 5%. As a quick refresher, the Bishop was the religious leader in the first season that ordered the execution of Dracula's wife, while Sala is the brainwashed monk that communed with a Night Creature in Season 3.

However, not all were on board with Dracula being considered the best villain of "Castlevania," with u/Toe500 saying that they just can't see Dracula as a villain for some reason, while u/IMakeThings34 stated, "The thing that I love about Camilla, is that in many ways despite hating people like Dracula; and hating his plans, she mirrors him pretty closely. Really it's her attempts to rationalize and sell her insanity to herself which I really enjoy. And watching the cracks form in her relationships because of her insanity is one of the better parts of the show I think." One thing is clear though, and that is Dracula and Camilla make excellent antagonists in the minds of fans.