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Castlevania's Dracula Would Be This Alignment In Dungeons & Dragons

Netflix's Castlevania series sank its fangs into viewers when its first season debuted in 2017. Three seasons later, and fans have been clamoring for Season 4 of the series as the video game adaptation continues the intriguing adventure of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard. On March 27, 2020, Netflix announced via Twitter that a new season of the series was on the way, but a release date still hasn't been confirmed. Given how the series is able to flesh out yet also pay tribute to the video game source material, it's little wonder why viewers have fallen for it.

And while the Netflix Castlevania series does a great job of giving its protagonists and antagonists a level of complexity perhaps not found in the games, it's still easy for viewers to pinpoint what these characters are generally about, especially if anyone were to try to base them off of the Dungeons & Dragons character alignment. Case in point, there's no debate that as the main antagonist for much of the series so far, Dracula is evil. But it's his misanthropic outlook and bloodlust for humanity's end that make his type of evil pretty chaotic.

Dracula cares little for humanity or his life

Per the DnD5e.info Alignment Guide, a character's alignment is a combination of two factors: their morality and attitude toward society or order. Morality goes from the scope of good to neutral to evil, while attitude toward society and order ranges from lawful, neutral, and chaotic. Further, the guide also defines Chaotic Evil Alignment as those who act with violence while spurned by "greed, hatred, or bloodlust." Does that sound like a familiar vampire lord?

According to Screen Rant, it makes sense why Dracula's DnD alignment is chaotic evil when exploring his core motivations. While other antagonists like Carmillia are plotting for more power or dominance over humanity, Dracula simply abhors humanity enough to destroy it and also himself. The series showed it was humanity that took away his beloved Lisa Tepes and pushed him to his chaotic evil status. And as the Screen Rant article highlights, Alucard described his father's ultimate plan as "the world's longest suicide note."

In addition to his actions, there's another unique link in his alignment thanks to the real-life figure Dracula is based upon. According to the book Dracula, Prince Of Many Faces, Vlad The Impaler was actually a part of a chivalric group known as the Order Of The Dragon. And, as per the Dungeons & Dragons guide, Red Dragons are creatures that often fall under chaotic evil alignment.

Still, that could, of course, just be a mere coincidence.