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John Cena Confirms What We All Suspected About Dwayne Johnson

Professional wrestling and acting have more in common than you think. While the latter is rooted in simulated combat sports, the performers are essentially actors who play characters, engage in scripted storylines, and perform their own stunts. Weekly wrestling programming also tends to dip its toes into a variety of genres, ranging from comedy to horror to soap opera drama and beyond.

While pro wrestling doesn't always gain the respect it deserves in the mainstream imagination, it's still a vastly popular industry that's produced A-list stars. As such, Hollywood has often turned to the world of sports entertainment when casting projects that they hope audiences will show up to watch. Heck, even Netflix is getting in on the action — sometimes with polarizing results.

It wasn't always this way, though. Back in the day, the big-name grapplers mostly starred in B-movies or had supporting roles in Adam Sandler flicks. That all changed when Dwayne Johnson decided to check out of the SmackDown Hotel and whoop candy a***es on the big screen instead — and no one is happier about it than John Cena.

Dwayne Johnson broke barriers

John Cena and Dwayne Johnson's relationship has come a long way in recent years. In the lead up to their epic showdown at "WrestleMania 28" back in 2012, Cena was critical of the former WWE Champion's decision to leave for Hollywood and only return to wrestling for the odd cameo appearance. At the time, Cena vowed never to leave WWE, but that all changed when he became an A-list actor in his own right. These days, Cena is more empathetic toward Johnson's career, and he even credits the man formerly known as The Rock for paving the way for his own success.

In an interview with GQ, Cena revealed that Johnson's success has helped change the perception of pro wrestlers as actors. These days, people have accepted that they're capable of headlining blockbusters. "By doing what he's done with class and professionalism he's given opportunity to folks like me, where people are like, 'Yeah okay. Well, I'll take a chance on John.' I don't think Dwayne understands the impact he's had on an entire industry of people."

Cena went on to recall how Johnson helped him land a role in "Trainwreck." At the time, Cena was freaking out about having to audition for the movie, but his former foe's advice put his nerves at ease. "I really wanted this one, and deadpan, Dwayne was just like, 'Just be yourself, man. They called you in for a reason. Just be who you are.' And I was." 

The rest is, as they say, history.