The Big Show Cameo You Forgot Was In This Adam Sandler Classic

Long before The Big Show was the star of his own Netflix sitcom about fatherhood and family life (aptly titled The Big Show Show), he developed his acting skills in a handful of '90s movies that mainly focused on his impressive physical prowess.

For example, the legendary wrestler has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo playing a giant Santa in the Christmas movie Jingle All the Way. He can also be found brawling with Hulk Hogan in McCinsey's Island. However, The Waterboy showed that he could stand toe-to-toe with Adam Sandler and make people laugh.

In the movie, The Big Show plays Captain Insano, a popular pro wrestler and the subject of protagonist Bobby Boucher's (Sandler) idolatry. It isn't a significant role by any means, but the sports entertainer gets enough screen time to flex those comedic chops and prove that there's always been more to his arsenal than chokeslamming people through tables.

Of course, this was still a character played by one of the meanest bad guys in WWE at the time. That meant he had to completely destroy the loveable protagonist's self-esteem in some way.

The Big Show humiliates Adam Sandler's character in The Waterboy

The Waterboy sees Sandler play a kind-hearted mama's boy who lets out his anger and frustration on the football field. Then again, the only reason he has so much pent-up rage to begin with is because of bullies like Captain Insano who like to pick on him.

Big Show's cameo occurs during a scene in which Bobby is watching wrestling on live television. Feeling kind, the high-quality H20 enthusiast decides to call in and offer his services as a waterboy to the sweaty Captain Insano. The wrestler initially thinks Bobby is a young kid with a cute idea. But when he finds out that the caller is actually 31 years old, he proceeds to mock him for being "a virgin." Bobby then hangs up the phone and buries the pain until it's time to play some ball.

That being said, Bobby isn't the type of guy to hold a grudge for too long. Later on in the movie, he powerbombs one of his football opponents as a tribute to the great captain. Maybe that was the movie's way of promoting a moral message about forgiveness. Or, it's possible that Bobby enjoyed hurting people and Captain Insano's finishing move was simply useful in that regard.