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What Morgan Freeman Really Thinks About The Idea Of Retirement

At 84, Morgan Freeman long ago cemented himself as one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood. He has appeared in acclaimed films such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Dark Knight" over the course of his storied career, and even played God multiple times, most notably in the Jim Carrey comedy "Bruce Almighty."

With an Oscar under his belt and five Academy nominations in total — among numerous other accolades (per IMDb) — no one would blame Freeman for retiring on a high note. But the octogenarian icon shows no sign of letting up. In 2021, he appeared in "Coming 2 America" and several other projects, and he has tons of things in the works for 2022.

In a recent interview centered on his new History Channel show "Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman," which tells the true stories of the world's most daring prison breakouts, Freeman set the record straight on why he's still one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.

'This business retires you' Freeman says

In a new interview with Parade, Morgan Freeman was bluntly asked whether he'll ever retire, and while he didn't rule it out entirely, he made it clear he's got no plans to stop acting anytime soon.

"I think this business retires you," Freeman said, explaining that he won't be done with acting until he stops getting job offers. "I'm not sure I can say, 'Well, yeah, I'm going to retire,' because if your phone keeps ringing, you're probably going to keep working." It's a sentiment Freeman shares with other veterans of the business. In 2021, Michael Caine, 88, seemed to imply he was retiring due to a lack of work during an interview, saying, "There haven't been any offers," before the claim was refuted by his representatives a few hours later.

Regarding the prospect of retirement, Freeman's answer was comparatively clear cut. After all, he still hasn't achieved all of his dreams. "I'm going to stop there and say probably not."