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What Is The Song In Expedia's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

It's almost time for Super Bowl 2022. That's right, the big game that millions have been waiting for with great anticipation is happening on Sunday, February 13. Be it the thrill of team sports, the exciting halftime show, the crowd-pleasing ads, the are many reasons for families and friends to crowd around their televisions to partake in the tradition of watching the best NFL teams of the year battle it out in the most epic football game of the year.

Those who aren't watching the game are probably waiting for the commercials. Even those folks who are primarily invested in the big game are waiting for the star-studded ads in between plays. People who can't tune in to the Super Bowl may wait to hear which TV spots are the best ones after the game wraps up. Why? Because the Super Bowl is not only big for football — it's also key advertising real estate. The top-dogs of the advertising world come together to bring near-cinematic spots to life. Super Bowl commercials are star-studded, emotion-inducing, catch-everyone-by-surprise type of adverts that, for the rest of the year, just might be the one thing we can't stop talking about.

This year is no different. Be prepared to have songs stuck in your head that you've had tucked away in your mind as they're sure to be resurrected this year and given new life through your ears, like the song in Expedia's 2022 Super Bowl commercial.

Ewan McGregor explores the 'Whole Wide World' with Expedia

The Super Bowl 2022 commercial for Expedia does an excellent job of showcasing Ewan McGregor, some adorable puppies, and some fun nods to traditional advertising scenarios as he talks about the importance of having life-changing experiences over having a ton of "stuff." As McGregor walks through a soundstage, expounding on the emptiness of material possessions, a steady guitar beat is heard before eventually giving way to a catchy song that begins to play as the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" actor pushes open the stage door. That song is "Whole Wide World" by Wreckless Eric (via YouTube).

"Whole Wide World" is a song from Wreckless Eric's 1979 compilation album "The Whole Wide World," featuring a variety of his singles and some B-side tracks (via Spotify). The song remains popular to this day. It has since been revisited by several artists and musical groups, including The Proclaimers in 2007, Cage The Elephant in 2017, and most recently, Billie Joe Armstrong in 2020.

The song fits well with Expedia's messaging, and McGregor makes his way through people on their phones pretending to be in beautiful destinations before he opens the door to a pleasant beach scene. Ultimately, the commercial reminds viewers to focus a bit more on the real world rather than the perfectly curated one they see online. Of course, nothing beats a day at the beach.