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Who Is The Actor In Squarespace's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

Squarespace is a web-hosting service that helps customers create and maintain their own websites with drag-and-drop templates and built-in money processing for sites that sell goods and services. Founded in 2004 as primarily a blog-hosting site, Squarespace later evolved into a full-spectrum of different services, and started purchasing airtime for Superbowl advertisements in 2014 (via Fast Company), and even managed to win an Emmy Award for an outstanding commercial starring John Malkovich for their Superbowl 2017 ad (via Adweek).

Their latest venture features the ever-popular Zendaya, and is inspired by the famous tongue twister, "Sally sells seashells by the seashore." However, this new take on the phrase sees Zendaya's Sally struggle to garner interest in her bounty of the sea, and the narrator talks about how a website from Squarespace can turn things around, which sees Sally's operation grow to not only include seashells, but jewelry and clothing that have been augmented with her chosen medium. At the end of the commercial, the narrator is finally revealed, but who are they and why do they look so familiar?

André 3000 is the narrator for the Zendaya Squarespace commercial

The actor/musician highlighted at the end of Squarespace commercial is none other then André Lauren Benjamin, aka André 3000. Known primarily for his aerial campaign over Baghdad for the nation of Stankonia, André 3000 is an immensely popular musician who was one-half of the group Outkast, alongside Big Boi. Outkast has several hit singles to their credit, which include "Ms. Jackson, "Hey Ya!" and "B.O.B."

André 3000 himself has been nominated for 26 awards, of which he has taken 9 of them home (per IMDb), and the awards stem from both his musical and acting career. In 2013, André 3000 starred as Jimi Hendrix in the movie, "All Is by My Side," but he also appears on "The Shield," "Semi-Pro," and "Be Cool." Outside of the entertainment industry, André 3000 has his own clothing brand, Benjamin Bixby (via New York Magazine), and is big proponent for animal rights, having been a hardcore vegan for 15 years, according to GQ Style). Now he can add helping Zendaya sell seashells and helping Squarespace sell websites to his extensive work history.