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Who Are The Stars In The Oikos Strong Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

Companies pull out all of the stops (and expand their budgets) when it comes time to create buzz-worthy Super Bowl commercials each year. The big game is really a big day for brands, who release the best advertisements they can come up with to garner the attention of the football fans tuning in. Unlike typical commercials, watching the ads of the Super Bowl is almost a main event in and of itself. The commercials tend to feature A-list actors, catchy songs, and outrageous antics to get people talking in hopes their ad will be remembered as the best of the bunch. 

Thanks to social media, brands have been pre-releasing some of their commercials prior to the big game. Oikos yogurt is no different, with their latest ad that is aimed at die-hard football fans. If you aren't as familiar with NFL legends, we can help clue you in on who the famous faces are before the ad officially airs during the Super Bowl. 

NFL legend Deion Sanders takes on his son Shedeur Sanders in Oikos' Super Bowl ad

The Oikos commercial features a light-hearted competition between a father and son. Each of them eats different varieties of Oikos' protein yogurt and then takes on various challenges to determine who is stronger. If you aren't familiar with the father-son duo, they are NFL legend Deion Sanders and his son, Shedeur Sanders, who is a collegiate athlete. Deion is known for his successful NFL career on multiple teams including the San Francisco 49ers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Dallas Cowboys (via Pro Football Hall of Fame). The cornerback has won two Super Bowl titles and he has even played in the World Series, as he also had a stint playing professional baseball (via MLB). 

Currently, Deion is a commentator and a coach. When he's not doing work for Barstool Sports, he's coaching at Jackson State University. Shedeur, meanwhile, is a freshman quarterback at the same school. The commercial is a cheeky send-up of what fans might imagine their father-son competitions look like, and there's no better duo to celebrate the Super Bowl than a pair of talented athletes.