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What Is The Song In Frito-Lay's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial?

It's almost time for another Super Bowl, which means brands are beginning to release their newest and best commercials for the big event. The Super Bowl may be one of the most important days of the year for football fans, but the commercials, which range in their approach from heartfelt PSAs to laugh-out-loud ads, transcend into the pop culture mainstream. No matter what, every advertisement is designed to start a conversation.

Typically, brands try to make their TV spots unique in an attempt to prevent you from changing the channel during the break. But during the Super Bowl, every commercial is watched under a microscope. People love to engage in conversations about their favorites from the night, and tactics like featuring celebrity cameos or popular songs are used to entice viewers.

Frito-Lay recently dropped its new commercial advertising its "Flamin' Hot" line of products. The commercial depicts a bird-watcher who drops their bags of chips onto the forest floor. Curious animals like a sloth and a deer start munching on the snacks and making different noises. In the end, the sounds turn into a rendition of a popular track that might sound familiar to fans of throwback hip-hop.

Frito-Lay featured a modern cover of Salt-N-Pepa's Push It

Salt-N-Pepa's 1987 hit "Push It" gets an animal a cappella remix in the new Frito-Lay commercial, with a little bird voiced by Megan Thee Stallion and a beatboxing fox voiced by Charlie Puth who ends up swiping the bird-watcher's belongings (via iSpot). Since the original song itself used noises like breath sounds, the animal cover is a perfect fit for the track.

"Push It" has been featured in countless films, from "Clueless" to "The Boss Baby: Family Business" (via IMDb). It's also a common feature on the small screen, getting a "Glee" cover back in the 2000s and even serving as the theme song for the 2020 revival of "Supermarket Sweep" (via Reality Blurred). You may also recognize it if you're a "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" fan — the song has been featured in four different episodes of the comedy series. With all this coverage, it's more likely than not that "Push It" is familiar to the average Super Bowl viewer despite being a 35-year-old song.