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The Riding Detail You Missed In The Sons Of Anarchy Opening Credits

"Sons of Anarchy" was one of FX's signature hits during its seven season run from 2008 to 2014 (per IMDb). Fans still flock to creator Kurt Sutter's world of outlaw bikers, too, as a sequel series, "Mayans M.C." is still going, providing more than a few cameos to past "Sons of Anarchy" characters. What fans especially love about "Sons of Anarchy" is that it highlights the unique world of motorcycle clubs, adhering to some rules and traditions that may actually surprise some fans.

The SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) crew in "Sons of Anarchy," led by both Charlie Hunnam's Jax and Ron Perlman's Clay at various points, were all passionate about their bikes and their club. Other members of the club included a mix of founding members of the club like Piney (William Lucking), as well as younger bikers like Juice (Theo Rossi) and Opie (Ryan Hurst).

The generational differences led to numerous conflicts on the show, but every character had an equal passion for riding. The series honored its characters' passion by trying to stick to accurate riding details as much as they could, even in the opening credits.

Sons of Anarchy tried to be as accurate as possible

For seven seasons, "Sons of Anarchy" welcomed viewers with a flashy opening, featuring Curtis Stiger's "This Life" playing to images of cash, knives, and tattoos coming to life intercut with our main characters riding in formation on the open road. What fans may not notice, however, is that the members are riding according to some specific rules about their ranks.

Characters in "Sons of Anarchy" often changed rank, being promoted or demoted based on their actions, with Jax acting as both President and Vice President during the series run. According to Cycle Fish, characters' ranks are signified by patches on their club jackets. In the show's opening shots, SAMCRO members ride in parallel, staggered columns, with Jax helping to lead the pack, as the President and Vice President of a club would lead a road formation. If not the Vice President and President, then an assigned Road Captain leads the same formation on a mission, temporarily filling in the position of President (via Rider Magazine).

Like a military formation, there is also a tail gunner or two who keeps their head on a swivel in the back to make sure no one is following the group, and filling a security position typically held by the club's Sergeant-at-Arms, a position taken up by three characters on "SOA," but arguably most popularly by Kim Coates' fan-favorite hothead Tig Trager. The final man in the formation also carries a first aid kit in case anyone needs medical assistance.