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Reacher's Willa Fitzgerald Tells A Hilarious Story About Kathryn Newton - Exclusive

Hollywood is the land of remakes and reboots, with some classic tales earning an endless amount of makeovers and spins throughout the years. While "Reacher" has a new fresh coat of paint over at Prime Video, it isn't Willa Fitzgerald's first rodeo tackling a beloved franchise that's gone from the written page to everywhere in between. 

Fitzgerald, who plays Roscoe on "Reacher," had a stint as Meg March in the 2017 mini-series adaptation of "Little Women" alongside Kathryn Newton and Angela Lansbury. It wasn't the first spin on the Louisa May Alcott book, nor was it the last, but the series is nothing short of a charming adaptation. 

During an exclusive interview with Looper for the Prime Video series "Reacher," Willa Fitzgerald told us what it was like working with her "Little Women" co-stars Angela Lansbury and Kathryn Newton, and she even shared a fun story about Newton's musical aptitude. 

Marching to the beat of Newton's hip hop

On what it was like working with Kathryn Newton and Angela Lansbury in the 2017 mini-series "Little Women," Fitzgerald said, "That set was incredible. We all really became family. I still talk to everyone from that job." Most people who have worked with Kathryn Newton in the past usually have a fun story or two about the young actress, and Fitzgerald is no exception. "I love Kathryn. She's so funny. I just ran the marathon in New York City this year again, and I ran it for the first time in 2017, right after I shot 'Little Women,'" she said. "Both times, I've run the marathon. I have listened to Kathryn Newton's infinitely long, hardcore hip hop, rap, endless playlists because that woman is constantly walking around with one earbud dangling out of her ear, including on 'Little Women,' listening to wild, wild hip hop." 

The fun didn't stop at listening, though. She added, "We would have crazy dance parties in our underclothes and garment, because we would have to take off our dresses to eat lunch. [We] would be dancing like lunatics outside of our trailers." Who knew the March sisters were so fun?

Angela Lansbury has had an incredible career, and she was brilliant to work with in her own right. Fitzgerald noted, "Angela Lansbury is an absolute icon, and [I loved] getting to work with her and talk to her about her amazing career [and hear] her advice for us — that was a really once in a lifetime experience. Maybe I'll get to work with her again, but if I don't, that is an incredible experience."

Season 1 of "Reacher" is now streaming on Prime Video.