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Alicia Silverstone Names Some Of Her Biggest Flubs In Clueless - Exclusive

When it comes to the classic '90s film "Clueless," being totally clueless fits lead character Cher Horowitz just as perfectly as that incredible red Alaïa dress. While Cher is brilliant in her own sheltered Valley Girl way, when it comes to being cultured on anything but the ins and outs of Calvin Klein trends, she really has a lot to learn.

Like in debate class when Cher puts her own materialistic twist on her assignments — such as comparing her dad's 50th birthday party to the subject of Haitian refugees. Of course, Cher's arguments are compelling in their own right, but she doesn't always pronounce the words correctly. As it turns out, some of the most iconic flubs in the film came from actress Alicia Silverstone herself — and the movie just wouldn't be the same without them.

During an exclusive interview for her new shark film "The Requin," Alicia Silverstone dished on which "Clueless" lines she messed up in the movie, and which made it into the final cut.

Silverstone messed up a few key lines as cameras kept rolling

When you star in a movie as a teenager, it's only natural that you might not get some of the raunchier references in the film ... until years later. That was the case with Elisa Donovan's "balls flying at my face" line in "Clueless" when her character Amber doesn't want to partake in gym tennis because of her recent nose job. However, Alicia Silverstone (who played the film's lead Cher Horowitz) has her own pile of references she didn't have quite right at the time of filming, but they mostly have to do with the correct pronunciation of words.

As Silverstone revealed in an interview with Looper, " Well, there was one in particular, which is, I think I say, 'The Haiteeans.' I didn't know it's 'The Haitians,' and I just kept saying 'Haitieeans,' and I know that [director] Amy Heckerling stopped the script supervisor because everybody, when I first did it, they all were running to tell me I was saying it wrong." Luckily for the film, writer/director Heckerling stopped the crew just in time from telling Silverstone that she mixed up the pronunciation. "She was like, 'stop,' and she didn't let anybody go near me because she loved that I was saying it wrong. So there was that," Silverstone added. And because Heckerling let the show go on, Cher's Haiti speech has become an iconic moment in pop culture history. 

Silverstone continued with another example, "I know I did it about 'heifer,' too. 'Is it heifer, or' ... I don't know. Yeah, I think we ended up cutting it, or maybe it's in there, and she did correct that one, but I was saying that wrong for a minute too." In fact, the line is in the film when Cher talks about her calorie intake, but she says it correctly in the final cut.

Alicia Silverstone's new movie, "The Requin" is now playing in select theaters and is also available on demand for digital rental and purchase.