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Clueless Star Alicia Silverstone Reveals The One Way She Would Reprise Her Role As Cher - Exclusive

Ever since "Clueless" dominated the teen scene in 1996, fans have clamored for a follow-up to the decade's most iconic and generation-defining film. The movie's main character Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), put a modern spin on Jane Austin's classic novel "Emma," taking a clueless rich girl and giving her a morality makeover. Sometimes, we should leave our favorite films in the decade they shined rather than making an out-of-place follow-up that's doomed to disappoint. 

Amy Heckerling is of that mindset when it comes to a potential "Clueless" sequel. Sure, projects like the "Clueless" musical are fun, but do we really want to see what happened to Dionne and Murray as a couple after the credits rolled, or is it better to live in ignorant bliss? Could any modern trends even begin to live up to the movie's iconic fashion? While we all want to see what our favorite valley girl is up to these days, some things might be better left to the imagination. However, there are certain cases where it would be wildly fun for Silverstone to reprise her role as Cher — like the "Lip Sync Battle" she did. During an exclusive interview with Looper, Alicia Silverstone revealed the one way that she would reprise her "Clueless" role for a video short. 

Legally clueless

When it comes to the '90s and the early 2000s, no queen bees shined brighter than Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." Some fans even envision "Legally Blonde" as the "Clueless" sequel that never was — and given their keen fashion sense and proclivity for arguing their way through any conversation, the woman would make a pretty incredible team. What would happen if Cher and Elle got together to take on a big case in modern times for a video short?

On how Cher would get along with Elle, and if Silverstone would be open to reprising the role for a short mini-clip with her, she said, "Well, I think that would be really fun, and you should pitch that idea. It's a good one. I think that they're a little too similar, aren't they? Isn't Elle sort of a version of ... They're similar in their design, but ... I don't know, but I'm game. [If] she wants to do it, I'm in." 

Well, there you have it. Someone get Amy Heckerling on the horn to see if she'd be down to coordinate a team-up between the duo. Given that "Clueless" all but laid out Cher's future as a lawyer, it's safe to say that she and Elle are the fictional world's most badass female lawyers. Why not let them tag team for a bit?

"The Requin" is now playing in select theaters. It is also available on demand for digital rental and purchase.