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Cole Hauser Breaks His Silence On Yellowstone's Big Awards Snub

Paramount Network's "Yellowstone" has achieved a level of popularity far beyond a niche genre market of Western enthusiasts, becoming one of the most popular shows on cable. Proof of this surfaced when the end of Season 4 drew in a viewership of over 10 million (via Variety). With news that Paramount Network has already officially greenlit a fifth season, fans have a lot to be excited about.

With a highly effective mix of neo-Western and soap opera drama, "Yellowstone" follows the Dutton clan as they do whatever it takes to defend the interests of the titular family ranch. Without a doubt, family patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner) wouldn't be able to do it without the support of his trusted muscle, the traumatized fixer Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). Audiences have enjoyed watching Rip develop as a character over four seasons, demonstrating his loyalty, respect, and obedience to John as well as his tender side with John's daughter, the equally damaged and dangerous Beth (Kelly Reilly).

Fans of "Yellowstone" have long bemoaned the conspicuous dearth of major awards recognition for a show of such quality and popularity. It looks as though that situation may be changing in 2022. Recently, Hauser opened up with his take on the end of the years-long awards season snub "Yellowstone" has endured thanks to its recent Screen Actors Guild nomination (via Entertainment Weekly).

Hauser believes Yellowstone is finally reaching 'the edges of America'

"Yellowstone" has been largely ignored on the awards front. Until this year, it received little to no recognition from major TV awards, with 13 nominations and only three wins — all of which coming from the Western Heritage Awards. Things changed in January when Cole Hauser, along with the rest of the "Yellowstone" cast, earned a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination in the outstanding performance by an ensemble drama series category.

In a recent interview with Variety's "Awards Circuit Podcast," Hauser expressed his belief that "Yellowstone" has always enjoyed a fervent grassroots following in America's heartland, with the rest of the country finally catching up. The actor remarked, "It feels like it is finally touching the edges of America. It seems like New York and L.A. are kind of paying attention, which is nice for a lot of us to see that kind of acknowledgment," he said.

Hauser also acknowledged that the escapism of the show may have played in its favor during pandemic lockdowns, noting that the beautiful scenery had people moving to Montana "in droves." He also placed responsibility for the success of "Yellowstone" squarely with the show's co-creator and writer Taylor Sheridan, telling Variety, "But, ultimately, I think it's Taylor's writing and the characters and the stories that hook the audiences."

Hooked audiences will be looking forward to Rip Wheeler's return in Season 5 of "Yellowstone."