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Paramount Network Confirms What We All Suspected About Yellowstone's Future

Since making its cable TV debut in 2018, Paramount Network's thrilling neo-Western drama "Yellowstone" has become a veritable cultural sensation that continues to stoke fervent conversation at the water-cooler and via online message boards. Even as co-creator Taylor Sheridan and his "Yellowstone" team surely believed the series might strike a chord with certain demographics, it's safe to say the show has become hit beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

In fact, "Yellowstone" has become one of the most-watched series on cable, with ratings from its bracing Season 4 finale proving new fans are finding the series on Paramount Network and in the streaming realm (per Collider). With four hit seasons officially under its belt, "Yellowstone" has also proven to be a series that is adept at leaving its viewers wanting more. And after "Yellowstone" creatives left some major narrative threads dangling at the end of Season 4, fans have indeed been clamoring to know what's next for the Duttons.

More specifically, they've been awaiting news that a 5th season of the series is actually in the works. And Paramount Network brass have finally confirmed whether or not more "Yellowstone" is on the horizon.  

Yellowstone is saddling up for Season 5 on Paramount Network

It likely won't come as a shock to hear that Paramount Network has officially greenlit a 5th season of "Yellowstone." As covered by Collider, that news broke via a statement from ViacomCBS Media Networks' President and CEO Chris McCarthy, who offered, "Yellowstone's record-breaking performance proves we've tapped a cultural nerve and unleashed a passionate audience from the center of the country to each of the coasts. Kevin Costner leads our incredible cast who make the Duttons America's favorite family and, this new season is sure to be another one fans won't want to miss."

McCarthy's comments were echoed by "Yellowstone" Executive Producer David C. Glasser, who added, "We are honored to be able to bring audiences another season of 'Yellowstone.' The continued growth in viewership and the recent recognition from the guilds bolsters our commitment to continue to bring groundbreaking entertainment to audiences." 

While the news that "Yellowstone" is coming back for a 5th season will no doubt thrill its fiercely devoted fanbase, neither McCarty nor Glasser offered any news about when the new season will make its way to Paramount Network. Nor did either exec offer any insight as to what Taylor Sheridan and company are cooking up for the next chapter in the Dutton saga. But given where things left off in Season 4, there's obviously no shortage of narrative angles for Sheridan to tap. And it should be fascinating to see where he takes "Yellowstone" next.