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The Most Difficult Stunt In Jackass Forever According To Johnny Knoxville

It's fair to say the "Jackass" team have constantly pushed themselves to their limits when working on the original MTV show and the subsequent movies. They all keep finding new ways of pushing the boundaries of what can and should be shown in theaters. It's clearly impressing fans, since 2022's "Jackass Forever" currently has a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes which suggests it's a worthy follow-up to the previous four films in the series. The early critical reception of the movie is also quite positive, so theatergoers are clearly in for a good time.

Johnny Knoxville and most of the original gang are back for the new film, although they've bolstered their ranks with some new blood to keep things fresh. Sean "Poopies" McInerney, comedian Rachel Wolfson, Odd Future member Jasper Dolphin, and "Jackass" super fan Zach Holmes all get stuck in with some of the gnarliest stunts that Johnny Knoxville spent a decade thinking of. Although surprisingly there was a stunt that the crew didn't end up filming due to an accident unrelated to the film and its cast — so at least they knew where to draw the line.

But Johnny Knoxville recently revealed what the most difficult stunt was in "Jackass Forever."

The Silence of the Lambs was difficult to film

One of the most elaborate stunts in "Jackass Forever is "The Silence of the Lambs" — and it sees some of the unsuspecting cast locked in a room with what they think is a deadly snake. But unbeknownst to the victims, Johnny Knoxville is in there too. He wears night-vision goggles so he can torture them with rubber snakes and other objects. It only gets better when they think they find an exit door, only to run head first into low-hanging pots and pans — as well as a floor full of mousetraps. Ouch.

When Knoxville spoke to Thrillist about the new movie, he revealed "The Silence of the Lambs was very difficult." This is largely because it was a team effort, requiring the entire crew to work together to keep the prank a secret. He explained "That was the crew at their very best working with us. Everyone, everyone had to be on it to pull that off." 

He also revealed the final stunt was pretty hard too, saying, "The close was a big operation. That wasn't even going to be the close. That was just a bit in the movie." That scene involves a group including Steve-O, McInerney, and Holmes as they drink a gallon of milk before getting on a merry-go-round.

But it gets bombastic when soldiers turn up and shoot paintballs at the unfortunate group, as explosives go off around them. Knoxville noted, "That was very difficult. Because if you fail, you spent all that money for nothing." So there you have it, the Silence of the Lambs and the finale's Vomitron were the most difficult stunts in "Jackass Forever."