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What You Need To Know About Jackass Forever's Sean 'Poopies' McInerney

The "Jackass" crew is officially back. After a 12-year hiatus, the iconic stunt team is returning to the big screen this February in "Jackass Forever." The film will be the fourth proper installment in the "Jackass" franchise, bringing back comedic legends like Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, and Johnny Knoxville, and picking up right where they left off — despite the fact that most of the crew is much, much older than they were the first time they started sacrificing their bodies for the audience.

The fact that the crew was able to get to work so quickly is a testament to just how much they all love the series, though that doesn't mean the team will be entirely familiar. Indeed, the "Jackass" crew has added a number of new members, one of whom is a stuntman by the name of Sean 'Poopies' Mclnerney, who's short history as a "Jackass" crew member has been about as eventful as one could imagine.

Jackass influenced the Poopies nickname

Like many members of the "Jackass" crew, McInerney has made a career out of physical comedy and death-defying stunts. Born in Los Angeles before eventually relocating to Carlsbad, McInerney spent his early years doing "stupid s***" with his friends: riding his bike down steep cliffs and crashing face-first into the dirt, throwing Walnuts at cars for fun, and sometimes even attempting to emulate the "Jackass" series itself.

In an interview with Stab Magazine, McInerney recalled how he and his friends were watching "Jackass" one day, when he mentioned offhandedly that he had to go to the bathroom. His friends convinced him to put on a Gorilla mask, and do his business in the middle of a busy intersection. Before he could run off, the cops quickly arrived and arrested McInerney, but from that point on he was only ever known by the nickname "Poopies." It's certainly a strange twist of fate that his life would come full circle and he would end up joining the team that inspired his less-than-flattering nickname.

Poopies on the show "Who is JOB?"

In 2006, McInerney moved to the North Shore with $500 in his pocket and started living with Jamie O'Brien. The two roommates quickly hit it off and became fast friends, and when Jamie became the star of the Red Bull-led web series "Who is JOB?" it seemed only natural that McInerey should join him in his outrageous stunts. 

"Who is JOB?" is a series that's as much about surfing as it is about fun, and the entire time that the team is performing their extreme stunts you can tell the whole crew is having the time of their lives. McInerney called the show "raw ocean 'Jackass' stuff" in his interview with Stab Magazine, which seems like a pretty fitting description considering all the times he came close to seriously injuring himself as a part of the show.

In fact, the injury-prone Poopies has already made a pretty big impact on the "Jackass" franchise in that regard; he became the first person ever to be attacked by a Shark on Discovery's "Shark Week" (via The Daily Beast).

Poopies was attacked by a Shark in his first-ever Jackass stunt

Poopies' first appearance in the "Jackass" franchise was actually during the special promo episode "Jackass Shark Week," which aired in 2021 and saw the stunt team perform a handful of stunts in and around Sharks "for science." One of these stunts was named "jumping the shark," and it featured McInerney attempting to jump over a group of Caribbean reef sharks on a wakeboard. Audiences watched in horror as McInerney came up short on the jump and landed right in the middle of the sharks, which immediately raced over to him as he splashed around frantically.

One of the sharks took a big bite out of his hand before backing off, and McInerney was quickly brought out and treated by medical personnel. In true "Jackass" fashion, a photo of the grisly injury quickly appeared on Steve-O's Instagram, and according to The Hill, the injury left him with two severed arteries and a mangled tendon in his hand.

Poopies would later recount the harrowing experience and his brief stint in the hospital in a video on his YouTube channel, and it's clear in the video just how brutal the experience really was for him. On the bright side, as Steve-O remarks in the aforementioned video, Poopies has already established himself as a "Jackass" legend.