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Early Critical Response To Jackass Forever Confirms What We All Suspected

The guys from MTV's "Jackass" are back at it again with their latest stunt-fueled project, "Jackass Forever," which is set to hit theaters on February 4. Long gone are the days of shopping cart curb launches and small town hijinks for television audiences, replaced with bigger and crazier antics designed for the big screen, including celebrity cameos and new cast members. Joining Johnny Knoxville and the gang this time around are surfer Sean "Poopies" McInerney, comedian Rachel Wolfson, rapper Jasper Dolphin of Odd Future, actor Eric Manaka, and superfan Zach Holmes as they take part in a wide array of chaotic, want-to-look-away-but-can't pranks and escapades for the amusement of moviegoers. Longtime "Jackass" contributor Chris Pontius recently described the new dynamic as being similar to a rock band "traveling around somewhere."

As with any major film, reviews have already started to pour in for "Jackass Forever," and it seems critics are all in agreement about one thing — the movie is exactly what most people expected it to be.

Jackass Forever is just as hilarious and 'sophomoric' as every other Jackass movie, critics say

"Jackass Forever" isn't the type of movie that's going to suddenly impress someone if they weren't already a "Jackass" fan, according to critics' reviews. But it looks like those who do love the franchise are in for a wild ride. 

Allison Rose, in her review for Flick Direct, makes it clear that those who find the antics of the previous "Jackass" movies and TV show funny will be similarly thrilled by this newest venture. "For many of us though," she adds, "it is rather hit or miss with more misses than hits." Robert Abele, of TheWrap, writes, "To put it bluntly: If this is for you, it's hilarious; if it's not for you, it's still hilarious. Just stay away." Frank Scheck, of The Hollywood Reporter, concluded his review by saying: "'Jackass Forever' is being released only in theaters, providing the opportunity for its fans who find constant hilarity in its sophomoric antics to share their pleasure with like-minded brethren. The rest of us can only shake our heads and wonder about the future of civilization."

Sitting with an 84% tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes, at this time of writing, it would seem that those who do enjoy the "Jackass" stunts of old have been having a pretty awesome time watching "Jackass Forever." Bill Goodykoontz, of the Arizona Republic, bestows three stars upon the film, and sums up any critical discussion with a perfectly fair argument: "[I]f you're into this kind of thing, it's a 5-star movie. If you're not, it's probably less than zero. So I'm splitting the difference."