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What You Didn't Notice About Olive's Family In Easy A

The quirky romantic comedy "Easy A" explored classic high school drama, taking inspiration from Nathaniel Hawthorne's 19th-century novel "The Scarlet Letter." The movie, which proved to be Emma Stone's breakout film as it earned her a Golden Globe nomination, included all the classic teen rom-com elements: A white lie turning into a scandal because of the rumor mill, an ordinary teen trying to make the most of her made-up story, testing friendships, secret crushes, and a coming-of-age realization that high school cliques and labels don't matter.

Along with all the classic ingredients, the movie also had multiple comedic and wholesome elements that gave it an edge. From the witty dialogues and exaggerated expressions of Stone's Olive Penderghast to the overall examination of sexual abstinence in high school, the movie had several winning features.

One of those was surely Stone's on-screen family. For real though, anyone with Stanley Tucci as their father has already won in life. Olive's father and mother — respectively played by Tucci and Patricia Clarkson — took the "cool parents" role and played it to perfection. The lively banter, which very subtly touched upon all the conventional taboos, added the right amount of spice to their compassionate relationship. But there is a small detail about the family that makes them even more intriguing.

Olive's family members are all named after food

The famous joke in the film about "a jar of olives in the fridge" makes clear reference to Emma Stone's character being named after the tangy fruit. Much like her character, olives exist in multiple forms that change color, taste, and texture. But it's not just Olive who is named after an edible item. Both her parents and her brother are also called by food names in the movie.

Olive's mother is named Rosemary, the strong-flavored herb, which, used in the right amount, adds the perfect pepperiness to food. Stanley Tucci's character is Dill Penderghast, named after the aromatic herb which, similar to Tucci's Dill, is refreshing and comforting when added to meals. And finally, there's Olive's adopted brother Chip, played by Bryce Clyde Jenkins. Chip may be named after an oftentimes unhealthy snack, but it can be said that his namesake goes well with all the flavors, be it olives, rosemary, or dill.

Even Olive's older brother, who is away at school and is only mentioned in the movie, also has a food-themed name, Kale (per Bustle). With a slightly different name based on the earthy vegetable, we wonder what Kale must be like.