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Keegan Allen Tells Hilarious Pranking And Character Breaking Stories About Jared Padalecki On The Walker Set - Exclusive

Almost everyone who's ever worked with "Walker" star Jared Padalecki has one thing to say about the actor: He's a loveable goofball with a penchant for pranks. Whether he was goofing around with Matt Barr onset or kicking it with his onscreen brother Keegan Allen (Liam Walker), Padalecki knows how to have a little fun while he's getting the job done. There's a reason his blooper reels are so iconic — whether it's "Supernatural" or "Walker." 

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Keegan Allen dished on what it was like working with Padalecki, the duo's improvisation on the show, and what pranks the Texas Ranger actor has been up to lately. 

On Allen's favorite moments with Padalecki both on and off the screen, he said, "I feel like every time that I work with Jared, it doesn't feel like we're shooting a television show sometimes. It just feels like he's always been my family. It's such a strange ... I don't know if it's just Jared hypnotizing me with his super handsome looks and his beautiful eyes. I don't know what it is." That seems to be the general consensus with Padalecki's costars.

These boots were made for Walkers

Allen was quick to affirm that the Walker duo you breaks and ad-libs on set quite often. "Yeah, tons. We're loose cannons. Whenever I work with Jared, I mean, we have ... There's a scene coming up where I'm eating breakfast tacos, and we just get competitive, and it's just ridiculous," he said. "There's no reason to do these things, but we are just competitive and ate like 16 tacos in a take. It was nuts. It will probably never see the light of day, but lots of improvisation, always follows very closely to Anna Fricke, Seamus [Kevin Fahey], Steve Robin — following very closely to the lords of this show and the writers and the directors and their visions." Allen and Padalecki have certainly concocted the perfect balance between honoring the script and navigating their own vision for the Walker brothers through improv.

He added, "It's wonderful because once there is that collaboration, the creative collaboration of the show is just so, so vast. We can paint outside the lines very, very easily because of how much freedom we have within our character's range."

Back in the pranking saddle

Allen had a lot to say when it comes to Padalecki's keen pranking skills. "He's a prankster. He's funny though. He knows how to just stitch in pranks, because if I did it, I would be in so much trouble, or everybody would just look at me, because he's so charming ... He's just so funny. His pranks are great ... I don't know, you have to see," Barr said. "There's a gag reel that's really great. If you guys get the DVD, there's a gag reel at the end of the DVD."  Anyone who's seen Padalecki's "Supernatural" bloopers knows that the actor's gag reels are not to be missed — so grab those DVDs.

"I'll try and keep it together. [There are] times where I'm like, 'Okay, I got this. I could keep it together.' But Jared's been doing this for so long. He's done 300+ episodes of television," Allen continued. "He knows how to, he can throw little nuclear bombs and keep it together and then just look at you like, 'Come on, man. What's wrong?' I'm like, 'Dude, come on, help.' So, he's a great prankster. He's so fun. What a fun guy. I just love him. I actually look forward to working with him because I like to see what's next with what he's going to do." You can't help but love that rogue cowboy — pranks or no pranks. 

"Walker" Season 2 airs Thursday nights on The CW with new episodes streaming on the website and app the following day.