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Nearly 20% Of Fans Are Most Excited For This Horror Movie In 2022

Another year has come and gone, and horror fans are gearing up for twelve more months at the movies. There are a lot of thrilling releases ahead for fans of the genre, who have already been treated to the January release of "Scream." From HBO Max's "Evil Dead Rise," which moves the gory action from an isolated cabin in the woods to an apartment complex in a major city, to "Halloween Ends," which will bring about a conclusion to David Gordon Green's requel trilogy to 1978's "Halloween," horror fans will likely find 2022 to be a scream. They will also be treated to a remake of Stephen King's legendary vampire tale "Salem's Lot," as well as some brand-new nightmares to haunt them, such as Jordan Peele's mysterious "Nope."

With all that scary stuff on the way, we polled 592 of our American readers and asked them to name the horror film they're most excited to see in 2022. Here's what is already giving them goosebumps.

Laurie Strode reigns supreme as Halloween Ends

"Halloween Ends" won our poll, taking 19.93% of the vote. Even though "Halloween Kills" pulled in some mixed reviews upon its release from critics and audiences alike (it sits at a 5.6 on IMDb), it appears that hasn't dampened the excitement of fans who want to find out how Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) gets her revenge on Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle) after "The Shape" killed Laurie's daughter, Karen Nelson (Judy Greer). 

In second place is the much-delayed Sony entry "Morbius," which will feature Jared Leto as the titular Marvel Comics antihero. The so-called "living vampire" staked his claim to 18.24% of our votes, even though movie lovers will have to wait until April to see it instead of January (per Deadline). From there, Vampires continued to dominate the rankings, as third place was taken by the "Salem's Lot" remake, which will feature Alfre Woodard and Spencer Treat Clark (per IMDb). 16.89% of the vote was sucked up by those eerie vamps.

Down in fourth place is the latest reinvention of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series. The Fede Alvarez co-conceived direct sequel to the 1974 film will hit Netflix on February 18 (via Entertainment Weekly). It sawed off 14.53% of our poll.

Next up is "Nope," with 12.67%. Following that, "The Black Phone," an upcoming release directed by Scott Derrickson and featuring Ethan Hawke and a child who keeps receiving phone calls from a serial child killer's former victims, scared up 11.15%. And at the bottom of these listings is the prequel to the 2009 film "Orphan," "Orphan: First Kill," featuring Isabelle Fuhrman as an Estonian serial killer with hypopituitarism who tries to murder her way into her ideal family, with 6.59%.